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Matt Bellamy

My Chibi Guyver Works

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It occurred to me, after re-watching the first 5 eps of the Guyver TV series on Blu-Ray, that I haven't ever posted my chibi Guyver pics on the forum here...

Dunno why... But I can safely assume that laziness, or absent-mindedness probably plays a bit part.

Some of them are kind old, and a few characters need newer pics... But that Blu-Rays are helping me get in the mood for that =P

The first batch is kind old, 2-3 years old, and done in an inferior paint program ( ie Shii Painter Paintchat). And unfortunately, quite a few of them suffer due to my silly reasoning at the time, and not using references >_<



These next 2 were done completely in Photoshop, and the quality difference really shows.


The last 4, are WG.com fanfiction characters. The First, like the first batch of pics, is old, and done in paintchat. Thelast 3 however, are much newer works from Photoshop. Again, the quality of art program really stands out.


I really need update more often... Especially my Guyver stuff... I'm surprised I haven't done Aptoms new form(s) yet...

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I'm surprised I haven't done Aptoms new form(s) yet...

:hearts: I would like to see it!

Great works.

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thanks matt for sharing.

it's nice to celebrate people's work.

you do so much quality guyver fanart. :biggrin:

my favourite is guyver 2 but i'm not sure if it's just because i like his design. :mrgreen:

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