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My art and colourings


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Today unexpectedly I had my internet off for 2 hours because of some trouble of my ISP, so I had a little fun with Photoshop and photo of my left eye.



Rinnegan with true colours:


I always wanted to add a Rinnegan on my photos, but I was too lazy to make it right (draw circles etc.), so I just copypasted some parts :lol:

p.s.: Rinnegan is from Naruto show, it is very-very-very powerful ... thing.


Guyot 89:


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Golgo 13 VS Hanma Yujiro!



Strongest creature alive VS best killer ever. Yujiro can stop earthquakes with his bare hands and Golgo 13 can kill moving target using a ricochet off the water's waves while flying in a helicopter (twice).

Original pictures:

2842db8a57bdt.jpg b160b3c8f918t.jpg

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