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Power Rangers Samurai

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okay when we're talking about comparing Takeru and Jayden...

the thing about Takeru was that he was an asshole... but he was still a mostly caring guy.... i mean he'd pretend to disregard his team-mates in battle...... but then youd find out he did that cause he was trying to protect the people who were under attack....

whereas when you talk about Jayden the problem is that he is basically defined as some kind of self-righteous hero who wants to protect the entire planet on his own.... you might argue that this is the exact same way Jason was protrayed but the problem lies wherein jason was a stoic leader who's personality revolved around his fighting-prowess and leadership skills..... maybe thats what they are trying to do with Jayden as well (we'll have to watch more to find out for sure) but for what i saw i dont think its working out the way they immediately want it to.... but right amounts of character development can fix that so .... lets wait and see.

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saw the second episode.....

it was okay

kind of a throw back to the type of episodes of mighty morphin'

it was funny enough and there was some amount of good characters shining through (though there was some pointlessness to it)

overall..... i think this is going okay on the right track

though im looking forward to being able to see the actual first 2 episodes

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Episodes 3 and 4 watched and done with.

i guess its starting to look up.

the characters are set in (despite the lack of an origin episode)

the story is more or less begun to take form.

there is still a slight problem that i have with the acting in that it seems too.....................superficial.

theres not really any kind of depth or emotion to the dialogue. theres no emotion to what the actors are saying

i mean even if your acting in a kids show you are expected to ACT!

a little effort in saying your lines is all im asking.

also the stag beetle zord was FRIGGIN AWESOME!!

that is all ......................for now ;)

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finished watching the latest episodes and will give my Initial thoughts, They need to get better, I first thought that they where going to make their own original story with awesome episodes and such but from what i can see it is just basically a dumb down copy paste of shinkenger basically scene for scene and i really was not expecting that considering that saban KNOWS how to make their own power ranger stories and there is no excuse cause even in Mighty Morphin the beginning episodes where drastically different from Zyurangers comparing their past achievements with what they are doing now seems as if they are being lazy hopefully they will get their act together and make some awesome stories, I am also guessing this is a reboot of the series because of one of the casting choices that caught me by surprise, Deker/Juzo the bad ass samurai that is Takerus/ Jaydens rival is portrayed by non other than Rick Medina the guy who played as the red wild force ranger :shock: this is very confusing since the very beginning all the power ranger seasons where in the same universe, is it a reboot? or is it that the red wild force ranger has fallen to the dark side and now they have to free him, I really hope is that and not a reboot. I was going to comment on the characters but as they are now they are basically copy pasted versions of their shinkenger counterparts, once i have seen more character development i may comment on them.

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wow. a little late!

I wonder how the ratings have suffered as a result?

I'm not sure if i'll watch the series.

I'd hope for it to be broadcast on a weekly schedule so that i can follow it like i normally follow kamen rider and super sentai. and naruto.

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