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Kamen Rider OOO spoiler/update thread

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Oh, holy crap!!! Huge Spoiler from Eps.40, this past episode.

Lost Ankh actually succeeded in FINALLY absorbing True Ankh and practically took all of the Core Medals in their possession, with the exception of Eiji's 5 Purple Medals. So next week it will be the reawakened Detective Izumi playing aid and support to OOO.

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The song is like "Believe Yourself" & "Cyclone Effect". It gives me the urge to fight.

Where exactly did Eiji destroy the Rooster Yummy??? I ask so I can make the background look like the scene in one of three Battle Themed Banners I'm making. All ready worked on the background to the Shagoritah fight.

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Nice post Ryuu, After watching the latest episode i can clearly say that Kamen Rider Ozu is my favorite rider series to date, to me it has a good balance of everything, the characters are likable, the story is interesting and original, The fights are awesome and the music...is just pure epic, things are getting very tough for ozu at the moment and it's got me in suspense.

I really want to see if Ozu turns into a greed or Maki, for some reason even tho Ozu will probably not become a greed i really want to see him be one.

here is hoping that the remaining episode everything important about the story will be fully explained and may it have an epic climax.

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Oops, forgot about that song. I don't know if they are all singers. I do know that Ankh's/Shingo's actor is a singer if I recall correctly.

And, the full PV has been released for Time Judged All.

I'll be ordering the CD album for the Complete Combo set even if this album does become available for download somewhere else.

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I heard them, and love them but I still prefer Time Judge all and Reverse/ Re: Birth. Not that they are bad (power to tearer is specially good in the beginning) is just that I really like those 2 more. and I think i have decided to place Shu Watanabe (Eiji/Ozu) into one of my most favorite actors of all time, the expressions that he uses on the latest episodes to demonstrate Eiji's emotions on all the stuff that are happening to him are just so incredible, you can tell that he feels lost and even tho he is doing everything for everyone without questioning he still needs someone to reach and help HIM,

after all the struggles hes been through to do what he can I really would not be surprised if he turned into a greed himself

I think I will also replace W with Ozu as my favorite rider series of all time even tho the series has not finished yet in my opinion it has done a lot more with their story than W did I'm just hoping that the ending does not suck.

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Big time spoiler alert coming up now. It's coming down to the wire as OOO nears its end. We only have another 5-6 episodes left to go and it seems like it may come down to Eiji VS Ankh VS Maki in the final battle. Look in the spoiler tag below if you dare.


Kamen Rider OOO has already reached its end. It’s almost as if it’s a tradition to have the main character as something more than regular human being.

With the 5 Core Medals inside of Eiji’s body, he’s slowly turning into a Greeed. He’s changed so much into a Greeed that it even directly affects the Tatoba combo.


Eiji will indeed become a Greeed by the influence of the medals. Eiji can no longer revert back into a human being.


After absorbing the other Ankh, Ankh has finally regained his former body. But in turn some of his Core Medals were destroyed. Somehow, Ankh found a way to fully complete his body.



After Date left, Gotou took on the role of Birth. Date finally comes back and transforms into Birth Prototype. Before Birth was created, there was an early prototype. They are both equally strong, but Birth Prototype is only able to use the Crane Arm and the Breast Cannon.



After Maki became a Greeed by the influence of the purple Core Medals, he wishes to destroy humanity. Even though both Maki and Eiji are becoming dinosaur Greeeds, Maki is the only one that’s called “Dinosaur Greeed”. While Eiji is labeled as “Eiji Greeed”

Some really great series end spoilers if I do say so myself.

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That was actually quite enjoyable. I know that he does his stuff and the other guy, what was his name again???? does the Power Rangers Legacy thing so maybe someone should do something similar with Kamen Rider. Well, those who have a video camera, lot's of Kamen Rider series footage available and a lot of spare time on their hands.

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the one you are referring to is linkara who is doing a series called "History of Power Rangers" he basically watches an entire season and reviews it entirely, he is up to Dino Thunder so far.

there are actually people who review Kamen rider series the 2 most known are EZ Rider and Apollo Z. Hack, I posted a few videos of them in the guyver section since Apollo did a review on the first Guyver movie and on the tokusatsu section I think i posted a few videos of EZ Rider doing interviews to a few Tokusatsu actors and stunt men.

on topic:

I noticed a picture where apparently ankh has completed his body, I really wonder how he managed to pull that one out, can't wait for the next episode. :)

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Alright, I just finished watching Eps.44 just a few moments ago and it was really good. Only 4 more episodes to go until this series is over with. Now, for the episode summary:

WARNING: I Covered the WHOLE episode so read at your own discretion.

From what I could gather on my limited knowledge of the Japanese language, Ankh and Uva try to persuade Kazari-tachi to joi forces and something about how they can work together to take back the remaining Core Medals from OOO. Kazari then has a fight against both Ankh and Uva and in the end, Uva takes back 2 of his own Core Medals from Kazari. Just as they leave, Kazari says something about Mezool being in danger to Gamel.

Kougami expresses to Eiji and the others how he does not want Eiji to become a Greeed. SO he allows them access to his personal underground museum which contains artifacts from 800 years ago from when the first OOO appeared. We also get a quick glimpse at the BuraKaWani medals which, I'm guessing, is meant to somehow tie in the movie into TV series continuity. Kougami also says something about the Purple medals inside Eiji, I think he was saying that they were some type of abomination that should be destroyed.

Eiji then has a type of last day with Gotou and Hina and, as they go back to Cous Coussier, they are attacked by ALL 5 Greeed. Eiji starts out as LaToraBa and faces Mezool and Gamel while Gotou battles Uva and Kazari. All the while, Ankh watches closely, waiting for his chance to strike OOO. The 4 Greeed actually trounce OOO & Birth completely and OOO is forced to go LaToraTah against them. He fends off Mezool and Gamel but Ankh uses his fire manipulation powers and ejects the medals from the OOO Driver. Hina grabs the medals before Ankh can snatch them. After a long talk it seems she says she will do what she can to protect both Eiji and Shingo.

Hina tosses the medals back to Eiji after he tackles Ankh into a hill side. Just as his transformation is about to finish, Kazari sicks Gamel on both him and Ankh, with Gamel thinking he's helping Ankh and protecting Mezool. His gravity wave displaces the medal power and Kazari, seizing his one opportunity, snatches his final 3 medals and becomes complete. His resurrected form is so powerful that he fully trounces Birth without much effort. His Rider suit is nearly falling to pieces at this point.

As a last resort, Birth uses the Breast Cannon on Kazari and manages to hurt him a bit. Eiji takes this opportunity to go PuToTyra and we finally get the return of the theme song, POWER to TEARER. Even though he uses PuToTyra, Kazari is actually stronger than OOO. With Birth giving him one last opening, Eiji uses his emotions to increase his power as his uses the Medagaburyuu and breaks one of Kazari's 9 medals. Both Birth and OOO power down and Hina tends to them.

Kazari is left wandering, injured and is confronted by Dr. Maki. He pleads Maki for help but Maki finally turns into his Greeed form and rips out all the other medals Kazari had on him along with his own set of 8, leaving his single damaged Lion Medal in his body.

Kazari then wanders around the city, slowly dying until his body fades away and his damaged medal rolls along the ground before shattering. Kazari is now out of the picture and only 4 of the 5 original Greeeds remain.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, as of yesterday, we are now down to the final 3 episodes of the series.

We are now down from 7 Greeed (8 if you include Eiji when he becomes one) to only 4 (5 if you include Eiji). In #42, it was Ankh Lost who bit the dust and then Kazari back in #44. And now Mezool was just offed. So now only Uva, Ankh, Gamel, Maki and Eiji are left. And it seems that Eiji goes Greeed fully next episode.

Also, did anyone else notice that, since episode 43, they been doing Full Combo silhouettes of all of OOO's forms during the OP theme sequence instead of the mix-n-match combos. #43 had GataKiriBa which was the rebirth of Uva, #44 was LaToraTah with the death of Kazari and #45 was SaGoZoh with the death of Mezool and Gamel gaining his complete form. So I think #46 will have ShaUTa, #47 will have TaJaDor and #48, the finally, will have PuToTyra. I don't think that will ever hear Shout Out in series at all and will just be a Rider theme that is only ever heard out of series, oh well.

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Do you guys think that Eiji & Hina might have feelings for each other???

I think that's a given, considering everything that has happened

specially since she is the only one that berserk Eiji won't attack and her getting very sentimental with everything that happens to Eiji, although it could be just feelings of true friendship too, we will see once the series is over

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