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Favorite Zoalord

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Favorite Zoalord   

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite Zoalord

    • Archanfel
    • Balcus
    • Shin Rubeo Amniculus
    • Pulukshterl
    • Waferdanos
    • Lee Yentsui
    • Edward Caerleon
    • Krumeggnic
    • Kabral Kahn
    • Jearvil bun Hiyern
    • Tuaha De Galenos
    • Guyot
    • Imakarum Mirabilis

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I don't mean to be a grave digger here and revive this dead thread, but I have something to add.

As much as I would like to say I won't choose Archanfel this time, I simply must choose him! To me his character is far more interesting than the others. While I love each one of the Zoalords I absolutely love Archanfel more due to his backstory. His appearance also intrigues me, whenever he wears his armor it makes him look like an archangel. Not sure if that was meant to appear this way or not but it seems pretty convenient to me lol. This could also reflect his status as leader. I feel as though we don't have the entire story on him either. It is pretty clear on just how much power he has alone, compared to the others. However, his power also seems limited due to the hibernation cycles he has to continuously go through in order to restore him back to full health. He seems very intelligent as well. Planning ahead and using every opportunity to his advantage. Mirakami/Mirabilis is supposed to be his care taker, as well as other half... or something (I can't remember). I assume the whole point is to use Mirabilis's body. So that somehow Archanfel can transfer his consciousness into him without suffering the effects of the energy drain he has on his own body. And chances are he isn't done with his plan to find the creators. I really wonder where Apollon fits into all of this, though.

Speaking of Pulukshterl I really liked him, he seemed far more noble a Zoalord than the rest of them and he deserved far better than to be killed by his fellow Zoalord members. His powers were quite interesting too.

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On 4/11/2010 at 7:17 AM, V Guyver said:

purgstal all the way because unlike most of the others, he's actually got a conscience. Also, I like his zoaform even if others say it looks corny.

Purgstall zoaform reminds me of Dante's devil trigger from Devil May Cry 4.


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