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Max Factory 1/6th Scale Guyver 1 Figure

Matt Bellamy

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Finally in my possession!

There are already a number of small things I dislike about it... Minor things that you'd think on such an expensive figure would be dealt with... Things I could forgive on a $300 figure of this size.

Frankly, I don't think it was ever going to be "worth" the price they charged. Though it didn't have a specific limited number like the Prime 1 statues... This is still very limited. So I guess it's still nice to say I have one at the lowest price it ever will be.

Though, to be fair, it was at least cheaper than what I paid for my BFC Max Imakarum... So I guess perspective is one thing...


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Congrats Matt. Just replied to your message on FB. Thanks for pointing out the scale descerpency. That's a bit of a miss fire isn't it. Real shame it's 15mm too tall. At least it's less of an issue on a bigger figure. Did a few comparisons with official art and also the figma gigantic which kinda highlights it. At least the figma is looking to be accurate.



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