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Possibility of new Guyver movie!


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I'm not usually one to copy/paste content, but I just came across this on another site....


I got to meet David Hayter at FanExpo Philadelphia last weekend. I was excited to see that he had some Guyver pictures (I was expecting basically nothing but Solid Snake) and got to chat with him a bit about the movie, which I loved as a kid - I would always tell my friends that Guyver would kick Spider-Man's ass, etc. lol. Anyway, when I mentioned how much I liked the second film and how good I thought they did with a fairly limited budget, David mentioned to me that he's been talking for months with the original director and writer, Steve Wang and Nathan Long, about trying to get Guyver III made. He said there's some rights issues, but he's confident that they're close to getting things sorted out and believes there's about a 75% chance Guyver III will be made.

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