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While you're at it, why not pin the "tribute to asian women" thread?  Nobody seems to post anything much there but it sure gets a lot of traffic.

And I thought it'd be cool for Pokémon fans to see Ash's Turtwig evolving into Grotle, which I knew would happen. In fact, I think he'll evolve again since the eighth Gym Leader specializes in Electric-Types and Torterra is part Ground-Type making him immune to Electric attacks.

I was bored when I made this.

That's my cat.

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I have no control over how long these videos I find are.

suggestion. :)

describe teh bit you want people to look at and give the time where it appears.

it's true you can't control hte length of teh video, but what toku said is also true. people won't look at it.

they will think "this is lame" and move on. :wink:

it's just the way people are.

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those two? honestly?

I think they're kinda embarrassing.

you got a lot of balls posting a video of yourself miming. I would never do something like that.

I would feel like a right idiot.

deserves some respect.

do I think it's entertaining? not really.

but each to their own i guess.

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Sorta off topic, but I think what bobby wants is not having views but somebody else besides him posting something, and commenting.

Now back to topic. I'm not sure if this was posted already, but I'm sure I mentioned this fan made video during the release of The Dark Knight. So here goes. This is actually one of the best fan made video of Batman:

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Off topic: Bobby, you shouldn't worry if people post in your blog or not. Like myslef, I just post when I wish to update. I'm glad other people post in it but I don't expect them to. If they want to then cool and if they dont then oh well. I just use my blog as an info post to let people know what I'm doing, how I'm doing, and the rest of what life has thrown at me.

If you want to ask people to post in your blog or (not to sound rude) complain why they're not then please, either make a new post in the blog asking them to reply or post in the shout box for them to do so. It's not a good thing to post something in a thread when it doesn't have anything to do with the thread that was posted in.

On topic: Nice find Durendal. I really liked that one.

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Hey I found the original VR Trroper pilot episode "Cybertron" as it was called back then which stared Jason D. Frank. and I thought it was better then the released series.

This Video is part of the unseen pilot episode of Cybertron which later became VR Troopers. (total time = 6:48)

Here's the music Video to the series Big Bad Beetleborgs (total time = 2:43)

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Opening video...who here remembers this show? (total time = 0:45)

And the U.S opening version of Masked Rider (total time = 1:00)

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I count this as a monumental moment, rivalling the george micheal and elton john video.

I'm not ashamed to admit it, this made me cry. it's so incredible. I've never seen such an emotional performance.

they had mariah carey on last week, and leona has simply walked all over her performance.

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