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What happened to Guyver 2's control medal?


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I've checked around a bit, and I can't find any definitive frame from the manga that shows exactly what happened to guyver 2's medal after being ejected from the suit. A lot of the earlier manga pages were pretty loose with details on smaller things like that, but...

...the animations don't explicitly show what happens, either. I always assumed it was destroyed by Sho's mega smasher, but we know later on that the guyver control medals can survive a mega smasher easily(to the point where Sho is vaporized, but his control medal isn't even singed).

So what happened to it? It should be mostly intact, somewhere. It feels like Chronos would have looked for it at the site, but they don't seem to have found it.

So where did it go?

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It was vaporised up by the Guyver 1's mega smasher. 

Takaya in the original version didn't have any damage to the ground which has left the theory open that Guyver 2's C medal somehow survived. 

But in the newer take of the art when it was republished he went out of his way to  put the damage to the ground showing the damage the mega-smashers done. That was basically (in my opion) Tayaka tidying up that theory that somehow Guyver 2's C Medal survived. 


In the 2005 Anime the body and C medal of Guyver 2 effectively gets burned up in the fires of the collapsing upper floors of the building after the explosion as Guyver 1 and Tetsuro float away. In that the C Medal of Guyver 2 is broken into 5 parts. 


Some samples of his Bio-Armour made it back to the USA where Chronos scientists use it to be the basis of the Artificial C-Medal Unit that becomes Guyver II F.


In all versions of the Guyver though, a Damaged C Medal is fatal to a Guyver. The defects are not repairable by the Unit themselves. When tested and pushed in combat all of those Guyvers died due to their failing C-Medals. Not one of those Guyvers recovered. Guyver 2 in the 2005 had some decent time as a Guyver so if it were possible for the C-Medal to heal up it would have been him. But it was not the case. 



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