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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


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It's already showing, so who's seen this?  I planned to see this but couldn't find the time to do so.  Similar to other movies playing, I'll reserve my criticism/praise until I see it for myself.

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I think it's good to be cautious, but I enjoyed it and I didn't spot any of the issues that have been plaguing recent MCU movies.

It's not a perfect movie and it may seem that some elements are under utilised, but overall was very satisfying.

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Posted (edited)

Watched it. I was very happy.

The strong elements more than made up for the weak ones.

Connecting Rocket Raccoon's backstory to the High Evolutionary is, with hindsight, incredibly obvious and elegant in an old-school MCU way.

It's nice to enjoy a Marvel movie for a change.


Chukwudi Iwuji performed in DC's Peacemaker series, which was directed by James Gunn, who was apparently impressed enough to have him play the High Evolutionary here - to my delight.


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