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Deadpool 3


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Deadpool 2 didn't do much for me the same way the first movie did, as I believe that one review put it properly that " Deadpool is almost too much... but the breaks in the story in the movie help you not get completely sick of his shtick."

Deadpool 2 was too much and not nearly as good in my opinion ( also didn't help the kid they were trying to save was a complete ass and kind of wanted him dead).

But here is to hoping that Hugh Jackman's Logan/Wolverine can help the third film find a better balance. I mean he's carried multiple X-men movies almost by himself, I am sure he will do well for this franchise.

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I thought the kid was excellent.  Kids are often obnoxious, and this kid was destined to become a major bad guy. This wasn't about saving some nice innocent kid, it was about saving a douchebag from himself. I like this kind of story because it isn't so black and white, it acknowledges that the world is messy.

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Well, whatever will happen in Deadpool 3, we are assured that the genius marketing strategy of Ryan Reynolds is going to hype up the movie even more.  The highlights for me in the movies are the scenes where Deadpool pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds.  I see Deadpool breaking the 4th wall better than She-hulk.  Hugh Jackman is such a big sport taking so much crap from Ryan Reynolds, which is why I love their bromance so much.

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