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Figma Guyver 1 ver 2.0!

Matt Bellamy

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Just saw this image, and it seems to be legit. Guyver 1 is getting a what looks like, a completely new Figma release. Kind of makes sense when you compare the quality of the two Female Guyver 2's and Guyver 3... the original Guyver 1 Figma was pretty poor in comparison.


The two big difference seems to be the megasmasher area of the chest and the head. No longer has the figma joint sticking out like a sore thumb, but the additional ab piece has been removed. The head proportions also seem to be improved. Much smaller eyes than the original figma.


Added more pics that were found on twitter.




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Is this the first Guyver I figure without that silly little ab piece under the megasmasher? That part of all the other figures' designs really bugged me - totally unnecessary for creating the impression of articulation when this new solution would have always worked.

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