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Wow! Facebook blocked the Guyver World group for spam. I'm trying to figure out what caused this. There were some random comments from one person, but I don't think that this is the cause. I also tried to remove some posts with "Content unavailable", but I can't "edit this group"!:confused:


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I started a new Instagram to share my Lamborghini Countach toys collection: https://instagram.com/countachki Welcome!:mrgreen:

Right now I have 156 cars and >67 other items.

I named my collection "Countachki" - it is is Countach + Tachki. "Tachki" is a Russian colloquial word for "Cars"

+Facebook: https://facebook.com/countachki

+Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/countachki



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Thanks:mrgreen:Yeah, but this is a cheap KO version of Masterpiece:mrgreen: I once watched a video on YouTube with comparison of it with the real thing and it's almost the same, the only "big" difference is that it says on the back "lamborgthrl cantach":lol:

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