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YT vid discussing Guyver Anime


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Not much character development is what.

Tell me something about Sho that is not related to being the Guyver. Tell me anything at all about Mizuki. Tell me anything about any character that does not relate to their role in the story.

As is, 'The Guyver' is about things that happen to people. And if we amend it a little, it becomes people fighting other people, or even monsters fighting other monsters. But we know more about the workings of the Guyver, or why Zoanoids exist, than we know about the characters themselves. Is Sho's mother dead? Or did his parents get divorced? What did Agito's parents even look like? Who is Guyot besides being the villain? What formed the Zoalords as people? What makes them suitable for their role, and how would Archanfel even know? How does the immense social upheaval, the greatest in human history, affect ordinary people? If they knew the whole truth, would they be horrified? Is this deal not worth it, this one world government, which offers world peace and prosperity, in return for maybe a million people - who may well volunteer if they learn the truth? Why did Jabir, Kabral and Kurumegnik rebel? Do the other Zoalords actually care about Archanfel's mission? Are they worried about what the Ouranos might do?

It could work... but it would require some radical rewriting.

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