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Spotted this on reddit...


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I think it's the forums auto censor since Mr. Amano's name containers the 4 letter word equivalent of crap.  Also, it's wonderful that they asked the original designer to supervise this.  Very impressive.  I gather that they might price this at around $3000.  The one they released (will release) before this was the Nier Automata 1/4 scale, featuring 2B, 9S and A2, which was priced at $2880.


The Guyver one looks nice, especially with the Guyver IIF coming soon.  These are the things that keeps the Guyver fandom alive despite the lack of chapter releases.  But they'll run out of materials sooner or later if they don't continue the story.

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On 10/30/2021 at 2:01 AM, durendal said:

 But wow!  FFVI Terra.  This is probably the only figure I've seen that closely resembles Yo****aka Amano's design.


On 10/30/2021 at 1:21 PM, Tora Tan said:


where is that in the video?




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14 hours ago, durendal said:

Oh, the Terra figure is in the 1:44:50 mark in the video.  It's listed as a post surprise, so it's basically at the end of the video.

oh my...

well that had me in tears. that is so beautiful.

I wish I had money.

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