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Guyver Spacecraft

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Hi ,

 Im collecting any data that may be available on the Spacecraft from the movie Guyver :Dark Hero.

 I have been a fan and have a collection of figures and want to make the spacecraft from the movie as a kit. Im looking for any images of the model used in the movie besides the ones that can be captured from the movie .I would appreciate any help.

Please contact me ...Tony


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I don't know exactly if there is any documentation on the movie version, but here is the Visual Data Files page on the Manga version of the Relic ship.

If you need more, youll have to look up volumes 6, 7 and 8 of the manga as those deal with the Relic and use of it.


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Thanks , I found that one ...I will keep looking . I tried contacting Asao Goto  , Steve Wang referred him, as the person who was working on the model ...but no success so far.

 Ill keep at it.

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