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Guyver/Marvel: Heroes and Monsters

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Ok, CH.15 - I liked it as it reminded me of what the Guyver manga is like.

CH.16 - I loved it. I was holding my sides LMAO while Deadpool was mocking Barcus.

CH.17 - I agree that even i could not write like that. Nice way to bring Thor in.

CH.18 - Hah, I expected that from those two backstabbing SOB's. Nicely written.

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That was satisfying. :biggrin: I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens when all those forces meet; Agito and Doom look to be shaping up into quite the pair of wildcards. Methinks Imakarum might be getting in a wee bit over his head here, as hard as that might be for him to believe. :lol: Things are definately going to get interesting once Alkanphel gets out of that rift.

As for the Guyver, I agree with LordSpleach's assesment of the situation.

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Well if the rift causes a delay in the Guyvers' immediate transformation to about 1-12 seconds then imagine what'd do when calling the Chrysalis for the Gigantic Armor summoning.

All-n-all, a really great 4 new chapters. I also know the perfect christmas present for Wade....some little yellow boxes :badgrin:

Keep it up man. This is turning out to be a really good story.

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Well, Odin is indisposed for the time being, LordSpleach. Although Thor's got the power of the Odinforce now, so he should be able to take Archanfel.

UPDATE: Got chapters 25 to 30 in the can! Just wanted to let everyone know this is still alive...


My personal favorite bit...the dialogue between Sho and Spider-Man.

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