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The TVA! And... the Time Keepers!


The Time Variance Authority has been Marvel Comics' "Time police" for a long time; people who messed with the time lines would soon find themselves being arrested by one of their agents, such as Justice Peace.

They were, however, not traditionally affiliated with the Time Keepers, three beings from the end of time (If I remember Correctly, they were actually created by the last agent of the TVA) who governed the timelines much like the TVA did. So this makes sense.

However, one of the beings who never cared about the TVA and actively opposed the Time Keepers was Kang the Conqueror! Like Loki, Kang is one of the Avengers' oldest foes; but he had his origin story in a Fantastic Four book, so they couldn't use him... Until now.

Time Keepers MCU.png

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Loki will outsmart the Time Keepers. If Odin couldn't keep him locked up then they likely can't. He's a great escape artist for one. He's also pretty good at finding weakness's in his enemies to take advantage of. That's one of his core strengths. He's smart and he learns quick. 

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