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Can Aptom beat Guyot now?

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Theres not much to go on. I think Guyot hasn't fought seriously yet, more skirmishes, Unless that's all he's capable of. Aptom has got a lot stronger, but is he psuedo-zoalord level? Perhaps he's at a regular guyver power at most. Guyot is a bit of a wild card and he's managed to out fox everyone so far. It's a tough call, I'd put my money on Guyot if I had to.

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My take on this is that if it's just raw one on one fight, Aptom can overwhelm Guyot, since Aptom have acquired powers capable of going toe to toe with a Zoalord.  But if it's going to be an urban combat, then I would think that Guyot has the advantage.   His cunning and tenacity is something to watch out for.  But of course the outcome of this battle will depend on how that author wants to portray it.  This reminded me of a theme in Hunter X Hunter, where a highly prepared Class B fighter can easily defeat a lax Class A opponent.  Or something to that effect.

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I would say he probably could beat the current Guyot, in a one v one combat.

Guyot looks like he has lost a lot of his capabilities, and relies heavily on the Unus for any actions he takes. Physically, I assume he is still a beast, and could go toe to toe with a Guyver or better ( After all, he matched Guyver 3 in human form originally), and is probably pretty durable. But that is likely it.

But considering the newer abilities Aptom has? Aptom all the way. The High Frequency Spikes, particle weapons, freezing, invisibility... Aptom has so much great abilities, that even with just his HF spike, he could likely puncture Guyot's body and make short work of him with good shot combined with his invisibility.

If Guyot was using the Unus? Would be a fairer fight and would depend if he had just the 4 for his combined form, or more. Aptom has proven to be pretty crafty with his abilities in the past, so I think I'd still give it to Aptom, but it'd be a harder fight.

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