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So Wanda has official lost her European accent.  It's not entirely surprising since I know a lot of people who lost the accent of their native tongue.  This is good stuff, unfortunately Disney+ has yet to open in our region.  Perhaps this could be the catalyst to connect the MCU with the merry mutants as Wanda gets shocked at the end of the series.  Imagine at the end of House of M where she utters "no more mutants" but instead says the opposite.

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How many episodes is this again?  I'm waiting for this to finish before I start watching.  I don't want to watch this only to be left hanging for a week before the next episode comes out.  A lot of people do say that Mephisto is involved in this.  Very hard to form my own opinion having not seen the show yet.

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i don't see how it could be this 'mephisto' since I have never heard of him. the reason I say that, is because if they are good writers, they wouldn't have some guy be 'behind' this whole phenomenon if the audience has never heard of them or seen any hint of them.

they can only work with what the audience is aware of, or things they have foreshadowed or included hints to. all we have seen so far, doesn't seem to suggest to me, any shadowy character of any particular note.

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5 hours ago, Salkafar said:

"She recast him?"

Hmmmm... are they going to introduce the Multiverse in this show?

Quite possibly.  Hints of a multiverse were already introduced as early as Antman and the Wasp (quantum realm), but it wasn't until Endgame that it was briefly explained (Ancient One).  Perhaps this ties in directly with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness?  

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On 2/10/2021 at 3:06 AM, UltraGuyver351 said:

I suspect Agnes might be more than she seems.

You suspected correctly.

Agatha Harkness! She is not a villainness in the comics, but a wise old witch who helped Wanda learn to use her powers more effectively.

But that book that was emphatically shown might be the Darkhold, so maybe she is in turn being manipulated by the sinister Cthon.

(In the comics universe, the Earth was initially inhabited by the Elder Gods, immense, etherial life forms who fell to war and strife, devouring each other; Cthon is one of the most cunning and cruel and one of the few to survive, by taking shelter in another dimension. In order to facilitate his eventual return to Earth he left behind a batch of indestructible manuscripts of magic spells, which would draw evil people to them, hungry for the power they promised and would intentionally or unintentionally open the door for his return. Those scrolls were eventually bound into a tome known as the Darkhold. Wanda has a mystical connection to Cthon because her powers come from the same source as his, If I remember Correctly.)

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I'm not so sure.
see what I noticed is that wanda said she might be the bad guy.

then pietro also looked a bit like  maybe he wasn't too friendly.

I'm wondering if this is  setup  for perhaps some villainous team that included both wanda and pietro....
another notable thing is... monica just got some powers... and she replaced captain marvel in the comics at some point.. so maybe danvers is going to lose her powers in some way... maybe due to another mutant that was part of a particular villain organisation...   that specific organisation that included pietro and wanda.


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