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Morbius trailer


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Since it didn't work out for Jared Letto playing as the Joker. Maybe this will work out better for him.

It looks good. It's a matter of when they release it for everyone to watch. 

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14 hours ago, Larz Zahn said:

Just the trailer makes me think it'll be better than venom. More closer to the lore. Makes me wonder on him being a villain, anti-hero, or a straight hero tho.

I'm excited because it's vampires. I really enjoyed the Underworld franchise and 30 Days of Night.  But since those movies, I don't feel like we've gotten anything good where vampires are concerned. There was a tv show on Fox called "The Strain" and I really loved it!

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Spotted a few things...
1:17 - Horizon Labs
1:41 - Oscorp
2:01 - Daily Bugle
2:06 - "That thing in San Francisco" (Venom reference)
2:10 - A poster or drawing of a certain web-slinger
2:13 - Adrian Toomes!

This is gonna be interesting...

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