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Bloostained: Ritual of the Night

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Kickstarted it. Played it. Beat it. Waiting for next DLC.

Yep, pretty fun. A little TOO much like SOTN in my eyes, mixed with Aria of Sorrow for her soul powers. It's one of those kinds of games that honestly are fun to play, but if you can't come up with new mechanics, it feels a little too rehash-ish... And it only suffered from it... Unless of course you never played Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for the GBA.

Plot is a little thin, but not terrible by any means. There seems to be a whole big story about the characters before this game... Much like SOTN, but at least SOTN has proper games and backstory ( though I know MANY people never played or cared about Castlevania 3 and only jumped into SOTN... So very same-ish there as well for many).

My biggest complaint, is that you cannot just wear a helmet and not have it appear. They go and make it so you can have custom hair styles and all that... But if you get a head piece or helmet... It covers her head and face anyway.

I played it with the Japanese voices... but David Hayter played Zangetsu in the English version, and who is likely going to be the first secondary character to be able to play as with his own campaign/story. So can't wait for that as his abilities will actually be different.

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Yup, played both SOTN and Aria of Sorrow here.  I still like this game though.  I did what you did by using Japanese audio.  I did find subtle differences in the translation, like Shardbinder being referred to as Shardlinker in Japanese, and a lot of re-phrasing to fit western colloquial terms.  But it's not something I'm bothered about.

There are a lot of things they can do storywise, but Iga didn't have a lot of leeway in terms of backstory compared to Castlevania which had decades worth of history.  I have to admit, I play this not for the story, but for the fun factor.  To this day, I still enjoy playing SOTN emulated on the PC.  Until I get the Crissaegrim that is.  Everything is just cheese after that.  Have you obtained the Rhava Velar yet?  (you most likely have) If so, does it cheese the game as well?

I do love the music.  I fell in love with the theme from the Entrance and I always get Last Song Syndrome with it.  Michiru Yamane is truly a genius.  

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I got the Rhava Velar and it does cheese the game.  And It's unbelievable that you can actually use Standstill on the last boss.  Being the last boss, you'd assume that cheap shots won't work on it.  But apparently it does.  Man, getting all the cool stuff takes the fun out of the game.

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