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Favourite Guyver quotes?

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"It's all your fault, Guyver... It's YOU who are responsible for this! And now I'm here to destroy you, as you have destroyed ME! Guyver, meet your death! FOR I AM... ENZYME!"

Perfect delivery from Bob Sessions in the Manga UK dub.

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In no particular order:

"You killed Ramocheez..." The delivery of it cracks me up. XD

"And now, you face the strongest Hyper Zoanoid!!! I AM ZX-TORE!!!"


"You think I'm caught, but I'm free to fight!! I will never give up my life and surrender to Cronos!!"

Everything the Scottish Cronos Soldier says.

I also love Guyot's scream in the dub of OVA ep.6, it sounds like he's trying to mimic Tarzan! XD

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"Miserable fool! Do you really think a miserable little prototype like you could stand up to the real thing? I'll show you the power or a true zoalord!!" 

"It looks like it's the end of the road for you it was fun but playtime is over. Don't despair. Consider it an honor to die at the hands of a true zoalord!"

-Richard Guyot





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