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Considering modding non-Guyver figures to make the human characters

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I was thinking this figure from Sakamoto Desu Ga would make a good Sho with a head switch: https://myfigurecollection.net/item/287879

He wears a standard Japanese uniform like in the show, and he's sized proportionately to the BFC figure. I have seen some Kamen Rider figures where the jacket is open if you want a more dynamic look. I'm still considering which head to use (Yeah I'd have to buy 2 figures to make this, but worth it). It's probably super easy to find another figure to match figma proportions if you collect the figma instead. Hell, you could even have 2 heads, one for the manga version and another for the 2005 tv series.

Also, maybe there are ways to make the other characters. Maybe instead of the model version of Mizuki,  we could mod another character. Would be cool to have a Tetsuro, Natsuki and Agito. I was considering only characters that can stand in the same physical space of their alter egos, for display purposes, like how a Guyver appears whole and closed up before it takes over the user. Although, you could also make characters like Aptom before he transforms (or half-morphs) into his monster form. We would really need a Zoalord figure of Shizu before we made a human one though, unless you just want a Shizu, which is fine. What do you think?

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