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Question - Re-reading, volume 10

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So I was on a manga viewer site since batoto died and the vault is gone, I was reading vol 10 61 to vol 11 63. Aptom just apears in chapter 63 fixing his leg that must of blown off while in the last chapter he wasnt in it at all.

Was this Guyver Advocacy only releasing half of 62 because he wasnt in that chapter at all and now, Murakami zoalord is saying he was going to let him live, but cant because he saved the Guyvers. This is implying to me he was in the last chapter and got rekt by the zoalord and lost a leg. 

Please send help I am very confused, apreciate it if you can help guys.Screenshot_20180803-114627.thumb.png.105d606f838643eddd67ff5eced9686f.png

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This happens on volume ten from Guyver Advocacy, pages 168-170. Imakarum has some of the same powers as Alkanphel and cut off Aptom's leg. Ends at page 181. Keep looking around for the rest of the chapter, some sites have uploaded them scattered.

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