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Want me to stream Aladdin/Lion King on Twitch?  

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  1. 1. Yes or no to streaming, and which one.

    • Yes, Aladdin
    • Yes, Lion King
    • No

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I found an old Sega Genesis at a local game shop that specializes in repairing/selling old retro games and consoles.  With it I got Aladdin and the Lion King, and OH MY GOD I'm reliving my childhood through these two games!  They're both platform games geared to kids in elementary school, but are still fun to play to this day if you can get your hands on a working Genesis.

Not only that, but I've also made a Twitch account (RiverChaos, if anyone's wondering) and was thinking about streaming either of these games or both on there. 

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You know, I miss the good old days, when you have to literally finish the game by brute force.  There was no save and there was no cheat.  I'd like to believe that this was what honed my hand and eye coordination.  Sega Genesis was my second console, after the NES (or Famicom as it was popularly known here).   Fond memories of playing Thunderfoce IV and Eswat.  

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