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Which Legacy of Kain Vampire Clan do you belong to?

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You're one of the intelligent, and widely curious Rahabim.

--Your Sire--

Although we cannot tell if he's the third or fourth of Kain's lieutenants; Rahab is the third you encounter in Soul Reaver. Rahab the wise was one of Kain's brightest, easily the wisest of the six brothers, and one of the most self-experimental. So experimental was he, that in time, he and his clan overcame the acidic touch to water, and he can now swim where his brothers would have perished. Rumor has it that in the spin-off-game Nosgoth; Rahab was largely neutral on the civil war about who would take Kain's throne. Perhaps he believed that Kain hadn't left for good (and was right), or that the fighting would bring destruction to each of the clans (and was right, still). That's... Probably his line of thought. Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what Rahab the wise was thinking about.

--Your Clan--

We did not get to see he, or any of his kin in Nosgoth, if the rumors proved true on his neutrality that'd make sense, but that is neither here nor there. Your a Rahabim... That means you're smart. No really, you're probably impeccably smart regarding at least one subject or another. In fact, education is important to the Rahabim; even the slaves are taught, both for knowledge's sake, and the sake of young Rahabim learning to teach. The point is- the Rahabim have very few censors when in regards to intellectual pursuits, now is the time to explore that thing you've always wanted to know just a little more about.

--Why You Fit In--

The truth of the matter is- you're curious. Or perhaps got an incredible work-ethic that is more sedentary than someone who'd make a good Turelim, or Dumahim. You're willing to devote increasingly extended periods of time focusing on a new way to look at things, to find a new answer or a better way to do something. You don't care about being particularly strong, or making yourself particularly attractive, you're much more interested in the end-game, and for that... People applaud you. Innovation is what you are as a Rahabim; and overcoming water was no small feat

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From the Wiki:

The Rahabim clan are the masters of the waters of Nosgoth. They were “devastated even by the feeble rays of Nosgoth’s sun”, but managed somehow to ”overcome their vulnerability to water”, thus making them predators both on land and sea. They were the only vampires in Nosgoth to withstand the acidic touch of water effortlessly, which gave them a bigger freedom of movement during hunting. Their swimming skills were superior over humans as they could glide in water with ease with a swimming pattern resembling a fish or a snake. They were also capable of lunging themselves out of the water at any unsuspecting prey. It appears they had both lungs and gills as they were amphibious in nature and could breathe on land and sea equally. Daniel Cabuco described their adaptibility to water as the following: "As for spare time, Rahabim would have been trying to overcome their weakness to water by trying to improve the time they could spend in contact with it. Perhaps drinking blood at the same time the water burned them so their systems could heal and slowly, painfully adapt."As primarily sea based creatures, their movements are a bit slower on land, however their bite is just as deadly and they can also utilize their spitting attack. The spitting attack comes from their mouth and is described as "a foul water bubble" which is deadly to all besides the Rahabim. However, they cannot shoot in steep angles upward or downward. When fully submerged, they will mostly – if not always – use their biting attacks. When prey is at a distance on land, they will attempt to shoot it down instead of closing the distance (this behaviour is similar to a archerfish as described by Daniel Cabuco). Their territory is the Drowned Abbey. It is of human origin which served as a sanctuary in the past. It is unknown when the humans abandoned the area, when was it drowned, or when the Rahabim took over, but the central chapel served as a personal chamber for Rahab. It is further implied with yet officially unsupported claims that the Abbey belonged to the possession of the Turelim for a period of time, due to wall murals possibly signifying their conquest outside on the walls of Rahab’s chamber, and – in the beta version of the game – the sighting of a dead and burned Turelim under water in the constrictable drill chamber. It is a possibility that after the Abbey was drowned by water, the Turelim withdrawn and Rahab with his clan took over the area instead. The clan pupating method was observed in the form of a seemingly algae covered webby cocoon latched to the water floor with a sleeping sphere in it. It was tied or anchored to the ground with a thread like substance which was strong enough to withold the pupating pod against the underwater currents. Some more vigilant individuals could ambush from this state, like all other seen pupating methods.The lead artist of the Legacy of Kain series, Daniel Cabuco, described Rahabim´s role as "artisans, explorers, special forces". It is likely they have been used as scouts to spy on the humans in the City, as one fledgling Rahabim is found by Raziel in the water reservoir of the City.


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