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Petition to finish the Guyver anime

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Hello all, I am a long time fan of this series since I was a child. I have recently created a petition that will (hopefully) show FUNimation, a group that worked on the 05-06 series, that us fans are interested in a conclusion to the series in the form of either a second season or even a movie to finish off the story. I invite all of you loyal fans of our bio-boosted heroes to help myself, and everyone else that loves this anime, the conclusion we deserve. 

Thank you so much for your signature in advance. The link is below:




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As much as I would love for the anime to continue, another anime adaptation probably won't be considered until after the Manga finishes(which hopefully will be before the 40th Anniversary).

I'll still sign it to say that there is a loyal fan base, but we probably won't see anything anime in a good while yet if at all.

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You should start a petition calling for Takaya to end the manga instead. Overseas publishers ain't going anywhere near the Guyver until it's finished. Fact.

I admire your dedication to the cause though...

EDIT: Oh wait, you're talking about the anime. Doh! 

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