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Awakened Garō

Godzilla: Monster Planet

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Ok a few little updates. 

As before there a prequel novel to go with the film. Project Mechagodzilla details more events prior to humanities abandoning of earth.

  • A group that worshiped two moth deities, Mothra and Battra, reveal themselves during the later years of the kaiju apocalypse. They preach that they could have defeated Godzilla together but Battra died while on a mission to destroy a comet heading to earth called Gorath. (this is in based on the plot of both Godzilla vs Mothra and another Toho film Gorath).
  • Alone Mothra is able to push back Godzilla, however she was killed in the 20,000 years between when the refugees left and the events of  PotM.
  • Godzilla is stated to have destroyed Gorath when it came came close to earth, however it's hinted that an alien lifeform was within it.
  • The Giant Condor, widely considered to be Toho's worst monster from Godzilla vs the Sea Monster (next to Maguma the giant walrus) makes an appearance.
  • The big reveal from the book so far is that a kaiju named Gigan was found by the Bilusaludo. They were able to control Gigan and have it attack Godzilla. Gigan was badly injured but was then injected with Nanometal which upgraded and healed its body. However it was killed by Godzilla, making them move to Project Mechagodzilla.

Nanometal is a material which will be playing a part the upcoming film. Is clearly based on "Space Titanium" from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. It's basically nanotech metal that possesses the unique attribute of being able to act autonomously, however it requires 100 gigawatts worth of power from thermonuclear reactors in order to function. MechaG was created using this metal.

The new mechs seen in the trailer are called Vultures. They are upgraded variants of the Power suits used to combat Godzilla in the last film using Bilusaludo tech likely from the titular City.


Finally we have some basic stats for Mechagodzilla as it was prior to the earth evacuation. 


Height 50 meters

Weight 30,000 metric tons

Primary Operating Systems - Quantum Computer and Artificial intelligence.


Convergent Neutron Cannon

Blade Launcher

Hyper Lance

Nanometal Field and Armour Plate - Mechagodzilla is surrounded in a field of Nanometal particles designed to deflect Godzilla's atomic breath and covered in a laminated heat-resistant armoured plate which shields it from the intense heat of the beam.

Plasma Booster - Mechagodzilla is equipped with a Plasma Booster which grants it the ability to fly.

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So City on the Edge of Battle came out today. No reviews or spoilers as of yet however we did get a poster for the third and final film of this animated series

Godzilla: Planet Eater


"Bow down and worship the golden demise"

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Fun fact from City at the Edge of Battle


Godzilla Earth's Electro Magnetic Practical Beam has an output of 300 Terawatts.

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Godzilla: Star Eater


The final film will be release in the 3rd of November. One last post befor I go away.

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