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Are Lost Numbers Sterile

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As far as I know, lost number zoanoids are unique, they cannot replicate the zoanoid form. I'm not sure if the issue of zoanoids reproducing naturally after being processed has been in the manga. I would guess they can, or they may not have offered optimisation to the public after x day. Perhaps soldier zoanoids have been sterilised for some reason

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Officially it has not been said whether or not they are sterile, only that theirs forms and powers cannot be replicated and that it tends to weaken the control of the Zoalords on their minds.

Now, it has been mentioned before that things like Werewolves and such may have been leftover Zoanoid genes through the ages... So we know Zoanoids are not infertile and can also pass along Zoaformed gene's.

That being said, it probably would have been an idea that Balcus likely could have had, especially after Aptoms final reprocessing in which he gained his assimilation ability... So I am going to guess that they very well could be stertile, and their abilities truly be "Lost".

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It's unlikely that they are sterile in the traditional sense.

Chronos would not want to produce zoa-forms the way the human body does it naturally. A sperm from a make and an egg from a female means what makes Aptom what he is it halved in it's genetic mix. Some some genes are dominant (e.g. brown over blue eyes) it wouldn't be what they orginally started with.

As such it's unlikely they are sterile as it wouldn't be factor in the proccess of making future zoanoids.



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Yes, Lost Numbers are essentially just random mutations that can't be replicated to produce more of them...


The Zoaforming process is geared to be reproducible in order to both ensure a specific Zoaform design can be mass produced and to ensure the key features of Zoafication are consistently established.


Namely, this includes the zoaforming of the host brain to ensure that the end Zoanoid is controllable by a Zoalord... Lost Numbers tend to have this part of the processing fail, which results in their brains remaining mostly the same as a normal human and thus as hard to control as a normal human... without this key part of the process then the whole end result is considered a failure.


However, becoming a Lost Number is also dangerous because of the random mutations can leave the final product unstable and the host can die or have a very shortened life span, much like a incomplete processed Zoaform like Malmot... This is the reason Bio-Freezer was the only survivor of his group as all the others died trying to become Lost Numbers...


This does not mean the Lost Number can no longer be processed but much like a Hyper Zoanoid it would require much more advance processing than a normal Zoanoid goes through but still would not mean they could reproduce the Zoaform and thus still remain a Lost Number... Like Aptom...


So these are the primary considerations of a Lost Number, though, a Lost Number can be infertile as well... Random mutations could have that end effect but it's usually more likely they'll just die before they get a chance to worry about it or they simply may not be compatible with normal human DNA anymore and would need someone with a similar mutation to find a compatible mate...

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On 08/17/2017 at 3:53 PM, BlackEpyon said:

If you are talking about sexual sterile then yes.

Aptom must be sterile by this point for sure, during his early days im not sure.

However,  it must be beneficial for chronos to keep stable type zoanoids reproducing, let the human body process the next generation of zoanoids and make a bigger percentage of the population under their control.

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