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Guyver Statue


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Hi guys i've just joined and wanted to show some pictures of a statue i made. I'm in the process of painting it up at the moment and adding the clear lenses. I'm going to finish this one in the Dark Hero colours. This statue also appeared in the recent special edition bluray release recently, which freaked me out when i sat down to watch the extras.

Thanks for looking 



DSC09129 smaller.JPG


DSC09077 smaller.JPG

DSC09065 smaller.JPG

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3 hours ago, Gazham said:

I'm sure you can post it here. It looks great, similar to Steve Wang's Ecc 1:1 bust. is it a cast from it? I like the official release,  but not the price tag! Keep us updated with the progress,  it's looking good, I'd like to see how it ends up!

Thanks Gazham. It's a sculpt i made awhile ago, its about 42cm high from the bottom of the base to the top of the horn. Yeah that Ecc Bust looks great, but i cant even imagine what the price of postage would be on it.

I've posted kit details in the classified section but its £70.00 plus P&P. I'll post some finished pics soon.

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1 hour ago, UnitG said:

good job i have seen that on the extra of blueray hehe


On 9/15/2016 at 2:16 PM, Finch said:

Nice job. It looks very impressive. 

Thanks guys! I got some clear paints for the lenses today. I'm looking forward to getting this painted up

My statue being included in the bluray was totally unexpected, but very cool. I was a very happy.

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On 9/17/2016 at 5:29 AM, Blue5ive said:

I willl's get this next Friday when I get paid :)

Brilliant! If you pm me your payapal email and address i'll send you a paypal invoice.

13 hours ago, Blue5ive said:

Definitely want to see it when you finish painting it.  Also a specific list of the colors used would be great.

I'll post lots of pics and the paints list. 

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On 9/19/2016 at 10:49 PM, Bio-Boosted Dude said:

Great job man! It really is slick. And congrats on getting featured on the Guyver blu ray! How was it shown? What sort of extras does it have?

Thanks Bio-Boosted Dude! Here is the list of extras for the bluray 

* The Film - Uncut Director's Cut 
Slideshow (1:49) 
Artwork Gallery (3:43) 
Interview With Producer Brian Yuzna (With Optional German Subtitles) (35:34) 
Figurine Slideshow (1:02) 
Behind The Scenes Slideshow (2:46) 
The 3D Futurepack (Packaging artwork Slideshow, 1:02) 
Cast Filmographies: 
- Vivian Wu (0:52) 
- Jack Armstrong (0:40) 
- Greg Paik (0:19) 
- Deborah Gorman (0:15) 
Alternate Title Sequence (5:55) 
US Teaser Trailer (0:25) (HD) 
German Trailer (2:26) 
Home Video Trailer (1:09)

My statue was in the Figurine Slideshow and showed some pics of it being sculpted and then a painted version of it. Gotta say it an excellent blu ray disk and transfer of the film.

The statue in the extras didn't have the clear eyes though, which brings me to a small update. 

Shinny eyes!




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