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What's goin on everyone, I'm Eric and I've been a fan of Guyver since I could remember. The earliest memory I have is possibly being younger than 4, around the 2002 era i believe, and watching the 12 episode Guyver anime on VHS at my dads house. I then started to develop a sense to draw Guyver, since I couldn't watch the show everywhere I go. So having a pen and paper allowed me to have Guyver with me lol

I soon was exposed to the Guyver films, the one by Screaming Mad George and the Dark Hero film by Steve Wang. We all can agree on that the practical effects and zoanoid suits were beautifully designed especially the Guyver. But what really stood out to me was The Guyver Unit.

Being interested in the Guyver Unit, I had a dream of always having one in my own hands. Why you might ask? 

Well, The Guyver Unit is the thing that grants the our protagonist his powers. Its what gave him the ability to be strong spiritually. Sho was a shy kid, and always had doubts about himself. Once he became the Guyver that allowed him to see that his friends are his strongest allies. He has a burning passion to protect his friends and everyone around him from Chronos who have bad intentions. 

And so, I can recall drawing Units in a sketch book. Having a blank CD case and using a sharpie to draw on the panel and line designs on it. I've found a large flat rock at a creek once and decorated it with crayons to make it look like a Guyver unit. 

When I was in 7th Grade, I had a cheese cylinder like container and it was a smaller size for a Unit, definitely not a 1:1 scale to any unit design from the Anime, Manga or Film. And the outcome was incredible. I really wish I had photos of it but I didn't have a camera or phone at that point. If I ever do find it, I will post photos of it, I believe it was decent at my age at the time. But it wasn't anything special, it was better than I had done before.

When I was in my Junior year in High School, I was grounded, in my room being the most bored kid in the world, and started drawing. I landed on sketching Guyver units, which led me to start sketching out blue prints on making one.

And after that, it was is history. I now make Guyver Units for the fans and collectors out there. I make Custom Light Up Guyver Units of all kinds. 

Just thought I could share my experience and my work with the other Guyver Fans here, and maybe you could have one for yourself(:









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I've been making a close 1:1 scale of the Guyver Unit, then I thought, Maybe I should transform them into more of a collectible at a low price.

So I've come up with a miniature model of the Film Guyver Unit design, inspired by the films The Guyver, Guyver Dark Hero, designed Ted Smith and Steve Wang.

I want to give Guyver fans something to have at a low price, and that isn't some crappy half assed piece.

I've put a lot of development into this concept and design, bringing this to life was even more challenging than bringing the 1:1 scale units because these miniature units have to be extremely detailed and precise in proportions, dimensions, and also adding the led function, etc.

If you're a Guyver Fan, or collector, I would love to have to create such a piece for you.

For any more information, please shoot me a message on my Instagram page, @TheLostUnits 


Email me at 


Thank you!





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