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Hello fellow Guyver Fan-Fic and Fan Artists,

The Guyver Fan Archive is the next part of WarriorGuyver.com to be refreshed and redesigned. With the merger of the board the question could be asked what is the difference between:








Going forward the difference is this.

Lets Creating is what it already is, a place for people to create get feedback etc for the fan-fiction and fan-art. This is unchanged and those that use it can work away happily doing there thing getting their ideas in order etc. Note it doesn't even have to be Guyver stuff, it can be any anime / Japanese entertainment etc based fan-fic you guys and gals feel like.


The Fan-Art and Fan-Fiction sections from the old WG.com board will be changing. From this point going forward these areas are for people who want to post and update their Guyver fan-fiction / fan art and including Guyver websites if you want to design your own website for your fic / art or if you have an old Guyver site that you want archived.




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This update is moving along. There is actually a lot of work involved now as moving the Archived Sites from WG.com to the GFA involves a lot of file movment then updating of HTML files afterwards.

Much like the last major update to the WG-Fic all fan-fictions (and over the years there has being A LOT) in the GFA's fan-fiction section need to be updated so they they work with the new template. But the end result will be worth it with a much easier to browse website.

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Working away with the Guyver Fan-Archive's revamp and new interface. The site is really starting to look great but I can't upload a preview as this new version is completely not compatable with the old version of the site. So basically it's everything or nothing.

Spent the last 2 days alone working on Kenji's fan-fiction area only to discover he's also since done SOM Art!

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