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Where do Isis Drano's human abilities and powers come from? Do they come from her Gen/human hybrid DNA? The Assassin Unit? A Combination of the two?

And if it is a combination of both her unit and hybrid dna, how does each aspect effect each other?

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Sorry. My questions come from this line in the data file,

Analysis of the main Control Medal indicate it enhances the subject's natural psionic abilities, explaining why it can be used by subject without having to activate her armour
which sort of indicate that she is only able to access her psychic abilities because of her unit.

So what I would like to know is;

1. Which abilities come from her unit?

2. Which abilities come from her hybrid DNA?

3. Which abilities come a combination of the two?

4. What would a Guyver Assassin Unit look like on a normal human?

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One thing to remind people is that sometimes the Data Files are preview of capabilities that have not yet being shown in the Fiction.

While I'm not exactly going to spoil what is up and coming for Isis, her story (or that of her sister) is by any means over. But as a clue look at Time War. :wg

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