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The Guyver Information Page is going to replace the Stars Guyver Page on the front page of the website. :g1

Here at the important points for the new site to live up too:

1) People new to Guyver/ the site and that aren't going to know about Stars Guyver Page. That site has being down since 2002 and hosted here since 2003. Calling the site Guyver Information Page is simple and removes confusion.

2) The old website and the current Stars Page run by me hasn't being updated in a long time and doesn't even have info about the 2005 anime. This needs to be fixed.

3) The Fan-Fiction in the re-write is going to re-align with the 2005 Anime and Guyver comics. Having the Guyver Information Page helps make it clearer where the lines between the Fan-FIction and the offical Guyver stories differ.

4) It will help populate the Character Profiles section of the WG-Fic site with the offical characters.

Note: This section of the site is open to anyone who wants to help put up offical info about Guyver.

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This didn't exactly go to plan.

After ignoring that part of the website for so long it needed a lot more work than I'd time over the weekend. This ate into the planned update of the message boards. So I know what I'll be doing soon this coming weekend and for awhile....

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This page is now merging with TheGuyver.Net. Basically going to be a lot more work but in the end will be a lot more worth it :g1

At the moment I'm in the middle of a massive clean up of pictures and Guyver files I've acquired over the last 10 years and will be getting them together so that this site has the best of everything I can get my hands on.

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This project has suffered the last year and I've not had a huge amount of time for it. The main reason has being Japan-Legends former Wiki. I spent a lot of time trying to understand how IPWiki ran and tried to recover it. In the end it proved impossible due to not having a copy of the important part of the database that was missing... Basically though it was worth the time as that was a lot of lost Guyver information that would have helped TheGuyver.NET a lot. 

So new year, new start. I've put a lot of work into getting the site template up and running and it's finally starting to resemble a website. It's still not at preview stage yet but over the next few months I hope to get it to a point where I'm happy for the website to come back fully on line. 

For WarriorGuyver.com too the last year has seen some important changes to the old site. The old forums of WarriorGuyver.com have being merged with Japan-Legends so there is no longer a split chatting community. Much like TheGuyver.NET though a lot has being pushed back so I could work on Japan-Legend. There hasn't being a new fan fiction or rewritten story in quite awhile

My vision going forward is the for the following with the 3 domains I now run:

Japan-Legend.com -> This will continue doing what it does best. This is where the Guyver fan community can come together and chat about Guyver and going forward will be the news site for the 3 domains. I've good news in that the Scanlation project has moved onto a new project that will reward Vault users on their access. Stay tuned for future updates there :GG:

WarriorGuyver.com / The Warrior Guyver - Fan-Fiction -> The Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction site has a big update brewing. Part of it is a complete update of the timeline and the Calendar section of the site. The fan-fiction will be moving to the timeline established in the 2005 Anime. As part of this the character profile section will also be getting updated and used properly. In time when TheGuyver.NET comes fully on-line the character profile section will link to that so people who've had trouble knowing what's fan-fiction and what's not will have a much easier time going forward :wg

Along with that The Guyver Fan-Archive has some updates needed due to the Forum change here in Japan-Legend breaking a number of the links there and new Guyver art going up also (new to the archive, long term members here will have seen it before)!


TheGuyver.NET -> This site will go live this year! Early this year I hope (in the next few months)! Like the WarriorGuyver.com it will link to the Guyver Forum here at Japan-Legend and will be the website that holds only official Guyver info and will replace the Wiki that used to be here in Japan Legend. It will also going forward hold Guyver translations.

Overall the plan going forward is that all 3 domains will support each other better :huddle: and provide different content. 


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I've being putting a large amount of thought into TheGuyver.NET and what I want it to become etc.

Thinking that the site will now be managed using a system similar to this message board and Wordpress making it a lot easier to redo things like menus etc. The hardship then becomes keeping it up to date software and database wise. 

Depending on it's success the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction page might go through a similar update some point in the future.

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TheGuyver.Net last night had major foundation put in place. It has being upgraded to have an SSL cert. While it is a boring step it means I can now go ahead and start putting up content over the coming weeks and hopefully get some new stuff together.

NOTE to visitors and long term members of the website.

If you've any official Guyver related content you want to put up, add, edit you can post it here for it to go up on the website:


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