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New Guyver Scanlations

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So it seems, someone else has decided to start translating the Manga. And since the Advocacy volumes were available freely up to volume 30, that is where they have started. Only one chapter up so far, but it is a manga volume chapter, so is 36 pages.


Please note, that there is a jab towards the way the Advocacy handles the new translations (on both the blog and credits page), but really they do have a point (in regards to expanding the fan base), though the Advocacy is free to do things however they choose. I mention this as I want people to be CIVIL as possible discussion on the topic. Yes, it was a little childish to make note of it on their credits page, but we can all be grown ups here.

I'm basically just happy that someone has taken interest in the Guyver manga again, and it's always nice to see someone else's take on things. I mean, there are similarities, but plenty of differences as well.

Though it seems the person behind it has other projects on the go, I can only wonder how far they will go with it.

But more Guyver, is always a good thing.

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