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Matt's 2013 Artwork Thread of...

Matt Bellamy

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Ok, maybe not so much.

Now to quote my DA page:

Yep. Going to try this and see how it works.

I am going to draw and upload something ONCE A WEEK.

It could be a finished color piece, a chibi, or even a finished sketch. BUT THERE WILL BE SOMETHING DAMMIT!

I got a new sketchbook to break in, as well as my tablet and such, so I have no real excuse.

And I am dissapointed/mad at myself for WANTING to draw a lot of things ( Mass Effects chibi's, how have I not... Garrus/Tali ftw!) but never actually even sketching anything. Plus I only did 8 images all last year, and only 7 in 2011... When in 2010 I did 54.

I WANT to draw. And I swear I have the free time to draw a lot more.

Time to fight the lazyness and do some drenn.

ROW ROW FIGHT THE... not so much POWWWA!

So let's get this started! Take note this is LAST weeks entry. Just posting it a bit late.


WEEK 01 - Gigantic Guyver Alfa

The first image actually comes as fanart... Fanart. There is a fairly new Guyver fan artist on Devianart.(http://lucithea.deviantart.com/) Well, the artist has an original character, who has a pretty original design in my eyes, despite all the watering down by drawing the countless Guyvers that I have done over the years. My mind then thought " She'd probably look good as a Gigantic." And oddly, my muse woke up and agreed.


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The only way Iron Man should be "cute" is if Ultron gets hold of him and turns him into a woman...

Oh wait, they already did that in the comics a while back.

Anyway, Iron Man chibi looks cool. The Alfa Gigantic is really nice -- maybe I've gotten used to the WG crew, but with the plethora of blues and greens and blacks and the like, Alfa has a very interesting color scheme; I looked up what she drew there for Guyver Alfa as well, pretty impressive. But your work, as usual, is amazing.

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