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What if:

1. Stephen Cain was in place of Jason to get the Type 1. Insert reason why he would get it. How would that affect the timeline.

2. What if Dreadnought 2 (Zagam) followed Dreadnought 1 into WG universe. Meaning there were two Dreadnoughts in the same universe. How would that affect the two Jasons and everyone else?

3. What if Dreadnought never met alternate Fiona and went straight to the WG universe?

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If stephen were to get the unit he could possibly defeat the GZ as well, Faye may or may not be the only guyver he tries to bring back to the future with him as he would see the advantage for the ACTF having more guyvers on their side. Unless events from that time played out the same.

He is more militaristic and follows orders, we'd see a WG that was pure soldier and under Carter's control and not the loose cannon that Jason became.

With zagam in the same universe would more than likely cause chaos. His has the distinct ability to hide his presence from everyone and could possibly subvert any control chronos or the ACTF achieved in order to bring the Order of Anubis here. He and dreadnought would definitely be the cause of much conflict and they could easily destroy most if not all the earth if they were to fight all out. I would even suspect zagam could side with one of the sides to take out the weaker opposition he would want easy pickings for his master....plus more guyvers consumed = more powerful lycanlords. Also Zagam might be motivated to replace dreadnought and send him to another dimension, he has control over that power whereas dreadnought does not..yet

Dreadnought without Fiona would mean he would have nothing stopping him from trying to take out Chronos once and for all. Fiona is holding him back as he is concerned with spending time with her and protecting her. He only joins the fray when his power is truly the deciding factor in a major battle: ie for territory control or unit acquisition.

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When I meant Zagam I meant pre-Zagam Dreadnought.

Lets add to that what if as a "part b", what if Dreadnought (a) came back with Fiona as well and Dreadnought (z) found out?

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Well, i'd say there'd be a lot of conflict between them. Look at how it occured between Jason and WG5. But in the end they'd probably work together at some point to achieve the same goals, although i would think one of the Dreadnoughts would probably go off on his own, much like the current Dreadnought and only show up when needed. If Fiona was part of that triangle she might be torn as to which Jason to be with (that could lead to a lot of confusion if one pretended to be the other that saved her). The eliminator would probably get destroyed having to face both opponents.

We might even see one of the Dreadnoughts fore sake his humanity in order to defeat the other, that would be interesting indeed

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There is a distinct possility that they will have a show down. Think about it, fight over a woman they both thought dead and in their minds their soul mate?

It would be interesting in how a match match between two Matrix enhanced Guyvers (as in Matrix reacting to literally itself) would react.

I doubt one will will let Fiona go just like that.

Part B:) Same exact Matrix and depending on how they react to each other. However, a Blue Matrix could have a superior potential than Zagam's Red Matrix. Meaning Zagam does something to make Jason pissed off and go 'Super' Dreadnought or something less obvious such as Blue Matrix cancelling out Red Matrix abilities.

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