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What should Mike do?  

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  1. 1. What should Mike do?

    • Damn it, continue Chronicles you bastard!
    • Close the book on it and get back to writing XT fics!
    • Who are you again? Should I care?

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Okay, so a lot has been happening for me. New degree leading to knew job leading to working my butt off to get in a solid position. It's coming together fairly well finally.

And now I finally sit down and can look at Chronicle and lay out my plot lines and get back to writing stuff. But now I sit here with the end to Union nearly finished and find myself in a quandary.

My intents with Chronicles from the start was to work a rewrite of the original fics into a more polished and enticing form. This included developing a lot more back story to a large amount of the cast and filling in a lot of material, much of it out of my own head. All well and good and fun.

During my time spent in college, and now driving myself into a financially stable place, a lot of things have happened. Further manga releases have radically changed the status quo on what we thought we knew, up to and including inspiring Sully to start another unconnected series of rewrites which take the fic into new directions while still being more faithful to the updated source material.

And that is the rub I think. I can finish Union, but the foreshadowing I have already done, the plot lines I am already running, the notes and strategy for the next three installments are all based on the world of the original fic. A world based on the manga and conjectures about it at a much earlier point. Now I can push on, and probably make it compelling, readable, and fun. Stay true to the original fics but also branch out in the same way I've done with the previous chapters and in the end, head in an entirely different direction than the newer rewrites that are going on. But it will draw it's influences and source material from that earlier world of Guyver, and ignore much of the newer material in order to do it.

And it will be more of a nostalgic take of a alternative storyline which will more likely just confuse new people with up to date knowledge of the canon.

Alternatively, I can try to incorporate the newer information in a manner similar to how Sully is, but Chronicles then becomes a competing effort, which I am not very interested in becoming.

Finally, I can fondly shut the lid on Chronicle, and go back to writing, or maybe even rewriting XT fics and we can consider Chronicles as having passed it's time, not surviving the unfortunate delays which I required.

So, what would you have me do?

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There should have beena fourth option.

Continue Chronicles but also do XT fanfic stories. I say this because the scope of Chronicles would undermine any attempts to finish if off as a 'reimagining' of Union. Sort of like the nuBSG not going into a full blown series but remaining as a four part miniseries.

But I would like to see more of XT as well. I want to know what is going on with him.

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