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Bio Boosted Armor Guyver PD (New Comic/Fan Fiction)

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Wow... 3 years that is a bit too long D:

Anyways my art skills have improved exponentially. So here are a some of the new Guyver related art I've done the past 3 years. All leading up to my new fan fiction/comic guyver series.

Redesigned All the guyvers I've drawn. Of course the red one is my Guyver. The Blue one is now called Haunting, used to be Ghost. The Black one is Cryptic and is a new character.


Decided to start thinking up the "Parallel Universe" they were in. Here is a moment late into the story where Crimson turns on the other 2. Seeing as he has better combat skills he handles them easily


Once I knew I was starting the comic and story I designed the cover thats based off of Yoshiki's Cover that reveals Female Guyver II.


Decided to remake my old drawing I did when my art skills were in the toilet. Called Mega Punch very unique I tell ya what!


Final design of my Guyver based on a famous Guyver pose. Crimson is about the same height as Guyver II and just as conniving as him too.


Finally I've just started on the comic for Bio Boosted Armor Guyver PD (Parallel Dimension) and haven't fleshed the entire story out. But here is a very brief synopsis of what happens in this Universe/dimension. The Creators' ship wasn't left in Mt.Minikami Japan but instead it is discovered in The Nunavut Province in Northern Canada. (There could be 1 more Creator Ship somewhere if I want to include more characters) A soon to be Chronos Foot Soldier (Razell to be precise) sneaks into the Chronos database (which at the time was very lenient on security of its database. And discovers the intel of the 3 Guyver units that were discovered inside the Ship after all the attempts of getting inside it. The day he is meant for processing the soldier (Name- Eric Force) disappears and returns a week later and ambushes the group of scientists that were analyzing the units. He steals them and using the disguise of his Chronos uniform leaves the facility. He then hitchhikes south gunning for the US Border thinking Chronos isn't that big and is only a Canadian/some parts of the US corporation. But he isn't off Scotch free Chronos chases him down. (where the comic is at anyways.)

I'm hoping for some of you fan fiction writers out there if you are interested if you can help me build up the story into something interesting and unique at the same time. If you want some of your characters could appear in the story as well. I don't intend all the characters are the same such as Zoalords and such. In this world Sho Fukamachi exists but gets to stay a normal teenager... that is until X-Day.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

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Yeah he is my friend's character. He was designed around 5 years ago. He made his own touch of the guyver back then.


Of course there are some designs I find that kinda break "canon" or how guyvers work so I redesigned him back to a simple guyver look but keeping most of the most prominent features of him. (except for the disk megasmasher that seems like a downgrade for a guyver)


His Guyver's Name is Haunting. Originally Ghost. In the story he takes the place of where Sho Fukamachi is. He is the kind hearted, only kill someone only if you really really really have to type of guy. He is also older then Sho though being 26 years old. He is just a "nobody" though. Never worked for Chronos, doesn't know about Chronos and was just living his life when a unit flew into his face. (metaphor)

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;):):D (clapping all the while)

Excellent work, my friend. Glad I faved them all on DA. By the way, who is ur friend (the blue Guyver) on DA? (if he is on DA, that is)

P.S. Glad to have you back on WG.com, too. ;):mrgreen:

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Wow a Year and a half away... yikes my bad!I've drawn quite a few new things of my Guyvers.

Here is page 5 of Parallel Dimension I haven't really updated it like I should have but I'll have to wait to actually continuing it because the Macbook Pro with all the files I need to make the pages is dead so I have to wait to repair it before continuing the story.

Page 5

Then I did a quick drawing of a chibi Crimson Guyver about a year ago.


Then I decided to redraw a scene from the story that I had drawn 6 years before where Crimson and Haunting fight.


More of Crimson with a scan of a sketch I had done in my sketchbook.


Now for some stuff very recent that I have done. This one is a remake of a comic cover that my friend Vance (Haunting Guyver) had drawn for my back in 2006. Chose to remake it to a more up to date versions of our guyvers. I am very pleased the way it turned out. More Crimson attacking Haunting. Seems like I need to do a few drawings of Haunting putting in a few shots into Crimson huh?


Finally a more up to date image of Crimson!


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The more of this I see, the more I like... and get jealous, to boot. I can't draw worth a darn, alas. Heck, I have enough problems trying to decide what colors I want to use on Matt's Stellar Guyver pic, to get an idea of the kind of look I want for Stellar Warrior Guyver when the time comes for his official unveiling in the fanfic.

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But you can draw him with words in a sense when he is revealed in the fan fiction. I could probably take a swing and trying to draw him as well.

Just finished shading Dowager Guyver (her name for now.) I don't know if she is going to be in my story, it would either imply there is another intact relic or one of the 3 original guyvers I have dies or has their armor removed from them. I'm unsure at the moment.


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