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Imakarum - Apolloyn - Data Files - Fic

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Ok I'm going out on a risk here. But well at times you have to do do these things :P

So what's the risk? The risk is Apolloyn one of the new lethal characters in the offical books. I've posted in here before I think it is Imakarum. Changed by the event in the Ark where Alkanphel awoke him using the built up energy processed in the Ark. It is after that event that Apolloyn showed up taking Zoalord crystals, and defeating one Zoalord and taking his. Imakarum he's suspicious of Valkus when he shows up at Alkanphel's island and simply put for such a powerful Zoalord (even before the Ark he ranked higher than Guyot) he's done nothing since his awakening. Alkanphel has since awoke ahead of time and with great power. I think he's being given the power of those zoa-crystals that Imkarum has taken and it has regenerated him.

Now in the fan-fiction a major event changed this (not going to say what yet as I want some surprises in the rewrties) but Imakarum will have the powers shown by Apolloyn and is basically a Master Zoalord in power.

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I think it's about time he was elevated to that level anyway. Does this mean you will place him as a master zoalord? or just an upgrade like zarfel?

Well it's not to do with wanting to elevate it's trying to second guess what Takaya is planning and have the story of Imakarum being a realistic though altered story of that.

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Well it is your story. The big question is when exactly Apolloyn was created in relation to your story. You may even just skip that part. It is your story after all.

It would be interesting though on how powerful Imakarum is compared to Kron or Alkanphel or even Zeugma with his new power.

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I like the idea of Imakuram being a Master level Zoalord now, it only makes sense for Archanfel's right hand man to be of the highest order of Zoalord, second only to himself so that he can better serve him & put the hurt on his enemies, or lead Chronos in his absence.

I thought Apollyon was likely Imakuram acting on Archanfel's orders too myself, hiding his identity and swiping the zoacrystals of the fallen zoalords to power up his master (he only killed Edward cuz he got in the way and he couldn't afford to expose his master's secret). Though I can't help but wonder if Archanfel could be Apollyon, since he had the energy to stay up and revive Imakuram, perhaps that suit of armor serves to rejuvenate his strength somehow. My only basis for this theory though is that Edward called Apollyon "My Lord" at the last second before he lost his zoacrystal, like he'd realized finally who he was up against and how doomed he was, and I'd assume Archanfel would possess all the powers of his Zoalords combined since most of them appear to be possess only a few basic abilities in common along with a specialized skillset unique to them alone.

Regardless, I like your plans for Imakuram in story, I've been wanting to see more of him in action for a while (especially against his old foe Agito! Rematch long overdue :twisted: )

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:mu SPOILER for those who read the books but havent got beyond book 30!

Given the events of recent books it's looking more like this is Imakarum. More so because Alkanphel (who is more like a moopy teeen) was in the same pallen as Apollon and well Apollon has being shown to have a somewhat close relationship with the Isle of Shiela. So it's about 95% sure that they are the same guy, but Takaya could still yet pull a "oh you thought it was that! Naaa!".

But with Revenge's rewrite coming up I'll still be playing safish with this and focusing more on Alkanphel and Jason's relationship this time around and something else.

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