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I've started this rewrite....

So lets put it simply, the start of this story is poor and if you've read the English translated comics and go to this story you think the following: "Did those guys really follow the Guyver story at all????"

Now we know historically why, and ye all who visit this site since 1999 know why... We didn't know any better!

Sooo the rewrite will fix this. I'm not at the privew stage yet, but put simply this story is now properly based 2 years after the Dragon Lord event. Meaning hte USA has being under Chronos control for 5 odd years. Chronos has had many set backs and it's leadership has being kicked in the ass by Gigantic Guyver and Guyver 3.... The new part of Union will go into the detail of this,to show where the Fan-fiction and key events are and have changed Takaya's story so you get from the Dragon Lord event, too Time War.

Note there "Key Events" I am going to leave some things very vauge.... I'm not going to go on about Guyver II F for example or Guyot.

Union will have an Aprentice Zoalord as the main bad guy of the story, this will be the main focus for Chronos's part of the story (which wasn't there at all really in the old verion of the story).

After rereading the story... all the crap about Guyver US being a bad figther are going to be removed.

Sooo in closing, I will say one thing, this story used to be 14K words... I see this being a much longer story when I'm done with the rewrite.

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cool looking forward to the rewrites for union and how you work in the changes from manga to fan fic

I can still remember the time we finally got a proper translation of the gigantics abilities in the manga and thought hell that thing is a damn sight more powerfully then we thought it was

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Yeah I think Union as being the first should have some sort of Prologue so they can figure out where the story starts. The two original stories left that out completely.

I agree with the Guyver US part.

There isn't going to be a prologue in the story this time, instead it starts off with the view points of the two respective leaders of ACTF and Chronos USA 4 days before ACTF is due to strike.

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Ok I am lost. I guess I will have to wait until it is posted.

I'll be posting a preview in a week or so to help clear this up.

Edit: 15/07/11

Update time...

There are things you just don't realise until you start rewriting and really look at what you wrote 10+ years ago and wonder "Ummm what was I on about then" or "Ummm where's the backstory about this place???"

Chronos Island is a good example... It's only in Union and never mentioned again. There's no story on how, who discovered it and how anything is linked. So the start of Union will give details on it's discovery and so on. It will also explain how Guyver 1, Guyver 3 and Aptom came to know about the island.

I was re-reading Revenge somewhat too and noticed little feeder things that now make no sense...

I'd a kinda writers block this week... well that's a little harsh, I'd a long period of moments of "ummm where do I want the story to go from here? Or wouldn't it be better not to just explain everything right away with chronos but instead bring that into the story?"... So not exactly a huge amount of progress number wise on the word count but storywise I'm adding some plots in that I didn't have their before.

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Yeah... looking back now, I'd suggest to anyone thinking about writing a story to plan it out first. Talk with someone about the story, and then as they come up with characters go back to their orginal draft and then see where would these characters fit. In a way it is the Assassin Guyver storyline that really got me to focus on the fics weekness which was the Chronos characters were not fully developed and that I spent too much fic time on the "good" characters.

Word of advice, the baddy's are only really good when they have a story too.

Disclaimer: This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

Union of the Guyvers

By: Brian O’Sullivan

E-Mail: lep@eircom.net

1st of July 2010 - Northern Washington DC, in a seemingly abandoned Industrial Estate

General Carter looked at the television feed. Everywhere Chronos had invaded the life of his country men and women. Politian’s were all zoanoids; the former President while he was not one at the beginning of X-Day was soon turned into one. Most of the United State Military was either wiped out on that day or simply disbanded when Chronos took over. It was not just the leaders of the country or its military that Chronos now influenced. Rock bands, celebrities the news media they had all being largely turned into zoanoids to make them more acceptable to the wider public. But always Chronos would say they done so by choice. Over the last few years they had even targeted science fiction loving sectors of the public promising that those that were zoaformed would be allowed serve on the Ark, the giant living space ship that Chronos had literally grown in the Dead Sea!

General Carter knew one thing; Chronos would pay for what they did and the revolution would begin very soon as he looked at another screen. There a man in a Red Armour combat suit fought with Guyver US. Guyver US was holding back but not as much as he would normally. The Red Armour’s arm cannons fired forcing Guyver US to dodge the pellets being fired that splattered paint like pellets off the wall. A Guyver might be something he has come to understand is incredibly powerful but the last thing he wanted as some fool in training to get a lucky shot and hit his control medal with a live round. Their ultimate secret weapon was him. The General didn’t know if Chronos did not know of him at all, but at the very least they did not know where the hell they were deep in this underground facility. Soon though his secret army would strike, soon his country would be free of Chronos!

Chronos USA Branch – Pillars of Heaven – Washington DC

It had being many years since Gigantic Dark struck Washington’s Chronos buildings and brought down one of the three Pillars of Heaven, since then any sign of his assault or that of Guyver II F’s birth and escape have since being removed and damaged or destroyed buildings rebuilt to their former glory. Apprentice Zoalord Taylor Smith was the main put in charge of these operations. It had being years of this man’s life overseeing the reconstruction of not just Washington but also standing in for the vacuum in the leadership of Chronos.

Taylor Smith sat in the top office of the Pillars of Heaven thinking of the past events that lead up to now. Zoalord Purg’stall was the first to go, unknown to Chronos at the time he was not killed by the Gigantic Guyver but the Trio of Rogue Zoalords. But his supposedly dead body disappeared from the battlefield in a flash of light that none of the four witnessing Zoalords could understand. What exactly happened is unknown to all but the Supreme Zoalords, but Taylor knew one thing, Fried’rich von Purg’stall died that day and his body disappeared before the eyes of the four observing Zoalords.

Then only a short while later on the same day on different sides of the world Chronos darkest day struck. Cablarl Khan initiated what was now called the Dragon Lord event turning into a huge giant monster like dragon by absorbing countless Chronos Japan zoanoids and hyper-zoanoids. He was defeated by the Gigantic Exceed, the Gigantic Guyver’s most powerful form. Again how he survived was a secret of Chronos only the Twelve knew of. On the other side of the world Guyver 3 unsuccessfully tried to capture the Control Sphere of the Relic at the heart of Chronos Arizona. But it was at nearly at the cost of both Waferdanos and Li Yentsui. Again how they survived was something the Twelve kept to themselves. It angered Taylor Smith that he was not trusted with that information but he was placed here to clean up their mess!

Now these bastards had somehow returned too, adding insult to injury! The twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos were whole again. All of them, even including Purg’stall! Now he and the other Apprentice Zoalords would be expected to stand aside as those losers returned to take their power! Taylor Smith sat in what he viewed as ‘HIS CHAIR’ knowing today he would now be the number two man in Chronos USA! The phone on the desk rang.

“Hello Annabelle,” said Taylor Smith seeing the name of his personal assistant show up on the display of the phone.

“Sir, he’s her arriving into the lobby now!”

“Thank you,” said Taylor Smith putting down the phone. He was sooner than planned, Shin Rubeo Amniculus one of Twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos has arrived.

Taylor Smith liked the distance given to him over the last few years, it allowed him to show his talents but he had miscalculated. Alkanphel had not promoted the Apprentice Zoalords. Taylor Smith though calmed himself; he knew he couldn’t be feeling such strong emotions when a Supreme Zoalord would sense his disquiet. Less than a minute later Zoalord Amniculus entered the room.

“Hello Apprentice Zoalord Smith,” said Zoalord Amniculus as he reached out his right arm to shake his hand. This was the first time Taylor Smith had met the Supreme Zoalord in person.

“Greetings Zoalord Amniculus, welcome to the Pillars of Heaven. I believe this was formally your primary Head Quarters?”

“Yes it was, but after events in Japan, that has being my primary assignment until now” said Zoalord Amniculus.

“What is happened to change that Lord Amniculus?

“You do not need to know the full details. Alkanphel has a new assignment for you.”

“I am to lose command of Chronos USA?!”

“Yes, Alkanphel has different plans for you. You will be joining Alfrid Drano at Chronos Island, you have one more week to finish up your projects here before you join him there.” said Lord Amniculus as he looked out a window that overlooked the city. Below in the city he could see the huge rebuilt complex the 3rd Operation Plant of Chronos, formally known as the Pentagon.

Taylor Smith sat in ‘his chair’ smiling to himself as Lord Amniculus re-familiarised himself with the view from the Pillars top floor. He nevertheless was very happy with what was said, this was no demotion, Chronos Island was the code name for something much greater that he hoped would bring him further glory.

Chronos Island

In the vast sea of the South Pacific Ocean the tiny island of only ten square miles would be easy to miss to any plane flying overhead. Unclaimed by any nation it laid below sea level until two years ago. Under the direct orders of Alkanphel a massive building project began bringing the island above sea level. Once that was completed massive excavations into the centre of the island began. Alfrid Drano director of Chronos Mexico City was put charge of the project. He did not question why the master zoalord would want such a massive undertaking or why he would want him to give up his Office and live away from his wife and daughter for two years. He was there to make sure it was completed for him and on time!

That date Alkanphel wanted this project completed by was two months away. But Chronos Island was completed on schedule. Contained in the islands core soon became common knowledge to those working on the project. Alkanphel referred to as the “War Relic”. But Alfrid Drano had discovered something that was of concern to him that he considered to be also a concern for Chronos! Having called Lord Valkus they had scheduled a conference call together to discuss the matter.

“... and the excavations are finished. The Chronos Island base is an almost perfect reconstruction of the design used for Relics Point Lord Valkus,” said Alfrid Drano to the perfect 3D image of Dr Hamical Valkus. In the Ark the oldest of the Chronos Zoalords bar Alkanphel looked at the display of the base stopping at its core where the pyramid shaped War Relic lay.

“You have some concerns of this living ship,” said Zoalord Valkus.

“Yes I do. I’ve compared soil samples around the War Relic to that of the Ship that was once inside Relics Point. What I’ve found was surprising. Carbon dating of the War Relic surroundings show that it is approximately twelve to thirteen thousand years old,” said Alfrid Drano looking for any signs of surprise on the face of the old Zoalord, but there was none. There was a silence of a few moments while they bought thought about what to say next.

“Alfrid, you have being a loyal member of Chronos and now Apprentice Zoalord, what I am about to tell you is a secret known only to the twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos.

Tokyo Japan

It had been nearly three years since the battle between Guyver 1 and Cabral Khan ravaged the city. Reconstruction of the ruined areas was nearly complete but the scars of the battle are still felt by the people who survived the battle. In one of the few remaining ruins of derelict building three men met in secret.

The above is the current draft to the new start of Union. At the moment I keep re-editing it, adding bits in and taking bits away. But what's above should stay mostly in tact now.

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Wel... hurry up!

Just kidding.

I like the setup. Obviously the Apprentice Zoalord is going to die by someone.

Personally I am looking forward to a defeated Agito to eventually who becomes as Zues later in the fic. I know you asre going to change him during the next rewrites. Just saying.

That and the little debate Agito had with Jason about who gets the unit(s). Though I personally would like see something more clear on why the ACTF is so intent that the War Relic would have a Warrior unit and not just more units or even slightly more powerful standard units for example. That part always bugged me.

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Maybe Primitive guyver gave Carter that info, or maybe Alkanphel himself set it up that that particular information got through to ATCF command.
Wel... hurry up!

Just kidding.

I like the setup. Obviously the Apprentice Zoalord is going to die by someone.

Personally I am looking forward to a defeated Agito to eventually who becomes as Zues later in the fic. I know you asre going to change him during the next rewrites. Just saying.

That and the little debate Agito had with Jason about who gets the unit(s). Though I personally would like see something more clear on why the ACTF is so intent that the War Relic would have a Warrior unit and not just more units or even slightly more powerful standard units for example. That part always bugged me.

ACTF was working off informaiton from the Japanese guyvers, but it was never given much detail... or planning for that matter back in the olden days of fic writing...

Yes there will be more story behind that, a lot more. along with Agito's different relationship with Sho. Though bare in mind, unlike the present comics, Agito never returned to battle Sho, as he failed at captuing a second Gigantic Armour. Instead he done something else to try and win back an ally in Sho.

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