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Nanosuits crazy idea

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Well it just came to me if it were possible to add systems from either the guyver units or maybe just the cyber guyver and Aceaer and the Hyper-Aceaer.

What systems would they be an what flaws or limits would there be to putting them on a Nanosuit from Crysis.

To be spersifec the Nanosuit 2. Though i am sure that if the N2 was to be compared to a guyver or any of the zoanoids it would be fairly weak as i don't know that the strength, speed or armour to name a few would rate againest these guyvers and zoanoid types.

As looking at it, the N2 looks something of a knockoff of a cyber guyver and a warrior guyver with the cloak ability.

So if this were possible what systems could a N2 handle and if any what flaws or limits would there be.

Though the main two i could see would be the proccessing power need for things like the sensors or G.O or E.M on the control medal, as well as the cloak, Not forgetting that basic overall power to uses these advanced systems would likely require something like the DC or HSL as well as refining and improving the power management and such.

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The Guyver is a organic based technology that merges with the host to form a new enhanced life form with the ability to tap the boost dimension for an unlimited supply of energy. Anything less than full control though results in the organism going out of control and consuming the host.

While the Nanosuit from the video game Crysis is a inorganic nano-technology based super exo-suit. Kinda like the Accelerator Suits from the G.I. Joe live action movie... So has more in common with the ACTF Armors than anything else.

Meaning the technology of the two are very different and aren't normally compatible. While the Nanosuit is based on nano technology, it's not to the level of the nanites that infect Cyber Guyver and now Robo Guyver.

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Basically the N2 is a more primitive version of the Cyber Guyver.

Though with Some modification from studying the Cyber Guyver it could be possible to incorperate some of the systems like weapons or sensors into the suit.

Though it would be similar to some extent to the Aceaer unit in that it can be taken off but it also provides some enhancements to the host.

Like speed, though the N2 is more of a earth tech type attempt to create some of the guyvers functions?

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The first impression I got from the N2 suit was that it was a low tech version of the guyver unit.

The problem is Crytech did a horrible job of creating their story and left the suits design out of it almost completely.

I have only read the synopses from the first games but have played through Crysis 2 so please fill in any voids or mistakes I make.


Guyver armor = organic

Nano suit = semi organic

Core systems:

Guyver armor core systems records the data of the host to be reinstalled in the hosts brain upon regeneration so long as the control medal is not destroyed.

Nano suit core systems have the ability to record the hosts conscious however we do not know if it overwrote the Alcatraz's consciousness with Prophets or if Prophets conscious is now the suits AI.


Guyver systems syphon energy from the boost dimension. User seems to have unlimited energy so long as the armor is on and high powered functions are not used.

Nano suit gains power from an unidentified source. (It shows the nano suit doing something on the cellular level to generate energy, however those cells need to come from somewhere.) Armor seems to have unlimited energy however the use of any ability drains energy rapidly Slowest of them all seems to be cloaking.


Guyver unit can regenerate the host from as little as the host data stored in the control medal so long as the control medal in undamaged. Even damaged units depending on the severity are able to regenerate, to what degree I am not sure.

Nano suit seems to have some degree of regeneration. For gameplay purposes it healed the host/wearer rapidly but in Crysis 2 it was revealed the suit was digging deeper into Alcatraz's body to repair bone damage.


Guyver units bond on a cellular level across multiple dimensions and alters the body to achieve its maximum potential. Only known method of removing the unit is through a unit remover.

Nano suit bonds on a cellular level and remains on the body. Method of removal is done by hand though Prophet had claimed to have needed to sever his bond with the suit and took his own life. Perhaps with more time the bond becomes stronger/deeper and more beneficial? We do get to see the vision side of the suits sensory abilities is fed directly into the host/wearers eyes.


Guyver units strength on a human host is stated to be 100 X unaided human.

Nano suit strength is not determined however Alcatraz was able to kick a car across the street (Rapidly depleting his energy) with a power kick/punch and was also able to lift and throw a large Ceph wearing an exoskeleton with one hand.


Guyver units def I am not that familiar with. In the second movie small arms guns were ineffective as well as blows from zoanoids.

Nano suits defense seemed to be inconsistant. In the cutscene we see it in armored mode taking a .50 caliber round to the shoulder blunting the bullet and the shoulder recoiling. In the game even in armored mode you take damage but greatly reduced.


Guyver unit..again not sure on a top moving speed.

Nano suit, while sprinting you only appear to be running as fast as a unhindered human would.


Guyver unit - head laser, high frequency blades, sonic emitters, gravity ball generators, mega smashers

Nano suit - none.


Guyver unit achieved through the gravity controller orb

Nano suit - not applicable though in the first game they did use a jet pack to move around in zero gravity environments


The Guyver unit determines if the host is compatable then takes approximately a half hour to upgrade the host to achieve is maximum potential while recording its original form upon bonding so the host can return to its normal form after retracting the armor.

The Nano suit is claimed to be partially human technology however in the first game the koreans have nano suit technology as well as Hardgreaves men. The time it takes the suit to bond is not revealed. The alien technology that generated the nano suit is not explained. (We see the Ceph and they are not humanoid other than the exoskeletons they use while the nano suit is. Perhaps some kind of host/wearer recognition system to define the parameters of the suit?

To answer galionlegions question I would say a more better energy storage system as well as either a better description of or a more readily available power supply would greatly enhance the nanosuit. In doing that the nano suits power punch/kick strength levels could become the normal operating strength, regeneration achieved faster, armored mode lasting longer, replenishing damaged material faster (being semi organic it already it a regeneratable suit) and making cloaking nearly unlimited.

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At best I see this in two ways. The Nano suit may enhance the Cyber Guyv slightly in new areas. Perhaps very small so he may not notice it all. Two, possibly reverse-engineer it enough to make a production Nano Suit for the ACTF. Then they can curbstomp Chronos.

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From what i can see to that in some ways the N2 is like a weak guyver unit, but also like the Aceaer Units.

Why like a Aceaer Unit well in this the unit can be switched rather easily as the Aceaer Unit on partially bonds with its host/user.

While the N2 as it has computer connections i would think that it could be in most cases programmed to release the current user, but whatever prophet did or went through it seemed to have activated in such a way that it bonded to him or without a admin from crytek to release the bond it required him to kill himself.

The N2 while it lacks the high level energy supply as its systems are energy hogs in which: armour mode, power mode and stealth mode take up a great deal pending on which one is used, how fast you are going and what damage if any you are taking. Still in some ways the N2 has a leg up on the other cyber guyver before the dimensional coupler was gained, as they both shared the mains plug to hook them into a large energy supply to recharge or top them up.

But with the N2 it could slowly recharge though absorbing different ambient energies like heat, radiation, sun light and a few others like dead bodies or decomposing ones.

The N2 in the case of Alcatraz in crysis 2 from what i have learned and from the book crysis legion, with Alcatraz badly wounded in the lungs, heart and other major organs and areas the suits material the just didn't bond and heal but take over the damaged organs to get them working again and like improve what their function was.

Like the lungs the suits material like does a better job at taking in oxygen and also likely absobs the carbon dioxide for its own use when it would be expelled from the lungs.

The heart is the same as the nano material does a better job of pumping the blood and putting oxygen in and taking out the carbon, though its likely the N2 could go further and bypass the need for the lungs and pull the oxygen straight into the blood stream while the heart cycles the blood round the body.

The speed of the N2 well its fast enough say 60 or 70 mph as on some levels in power mode which combines strength and speed in one, you can set the traffic cameras off and get a speeding ticket or it could be closer to 100 mph. Though that is when power mode is use as when not in use the N2 may be slightly faster than a normal human.

So the one of the first things that the N2 would need would be a dimensional coupler which would fix the problem of the energy supply, the second would be the processing power the cpu as i think what it has isn't up to the same level on what the cyber guyver has and defiantly not what the normal guyver units have or the Aceaer Units either.

Though if i am not sure if a defence program would be installed in the N2 like the guyver has and likely the Aceaer Unit has when the host become unconscious dew to some force like kinetic force knocking the host out or telepathic attack or being overwhelmed by a attack that inflicts a large amount of pain.

With this installed additional systems could be added as the sensors are inferior to those in the cyber guyvers in range and likely power.

These units place one the N2 would likely look like the sensory orbs or the guyver but likely be fixed in place so more than two would be added to grant all round coverage or nearly all round coverage.

Considering that the N2 is nanotech i would think that with the bonding it would instead of showing data on the visor i would be inclined to believe it would show it directly to the brain or eyes.

It has the advantage over the robo guyver in that it can repair itself though how fast that is i am not sure.

The weapons well with it being better in some respects to the robo guyver and less to the cyber guyver, i am unsure if it would be able to have them all, though likely have the E.M orb that replaces the gravity orb and maybe thanks to that increase the protection of the N2 from EMP attacks.

Though how big are the dimensional couplers? as a thought hit me that if they are small enough then wouldn't it be possible to have more than one like 2 or four at the max. With one - three being used as back up if the main one or two are damage. Having more would put more strain on the systems of the N2 but it would allow for using the more potent weapons like the mega smasher like a normal unit, though that depends if it has a mega smasher as i could just have a Powerful laser instead.

With the extra D.C or just the one i think the overall base for each mode would be increased by something like 10%-30% though that is just a up in the air guess on the level it would increase by.

As two flaws with the cloaking system of the N2 is that moving drains energy and moving faster drains it even quicker while shooting a weapon or basically attacking causes the N2 to drop out of stealth mode. Part of this i could see being fixed with the D.C in the drain when moving around or running but the attacking well that could remain the same or maybe not?

Though you have to wonder if the fusion cannon would be possible to add to the unit maybe instead of the mega smasher?

Though i would think the railgun that the Aceaer Units have could be duplicated to some extent though the N2 would have to carry around a supply of material or even bullets to use it.

With the first game with the Nano suit mark 1 which the Koreans deployed their version, i understand that at some how they were able to either recover a full suit that didn't self destruct or parts of them and reversed engineered the technology but while its was a great boon it wasn't as good as the original N1 as it had a weakness to e.m.p attacks while the N1 had a better resistance to such.

With the other modes the Korean version also had a flaw in the cloak mode as you could hear a hissing sound, the armour mode and strength modes also i think had a weakness as you can see that the strength mode when used the K-N has claws added to it to increase its attack power and the armour mode.

Well they added torso armour to increase that area of protection which seems to imply that the armour mode was not as strong as it should be so an extra layer of protection was given.

With some of the problems fixed like energy and the c.p.u power level increased i then would think it would take some time for the other systems that are wanted to be added are likely going to take some time for them to be altered to fit onto the unit.

If such a thing did happen in the WG Universe i would think it would replace some or most of the robo guyvers, but likely still be weaker than the organic versions its based on and also the cyber guyver.

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Yeah i have read those as i have been very interested in the nanosuits used, with the N2 being better than the mark 1 suits.

The only real flaw with them being the power storage and the efficentcy with using that power as i am sure that it gets wasted.

So a battle with a zoanoid even the ones from canon would really depend on how fast the N2 user can kill it as take to long and it will likely kill him instead.

Though with that thought in mind on the nanosuits and then guyver i wonder how a female would look in one, as the suits make the males who wear them look very large like on a body building program, would they be slimer sort of like the guyver.

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Thanks for that Zeo.

I think a better interpretation of the armors abilities would be made if a comic was produced (which one will be to bridge the games) so we could see it in action. "Seeing" an armor perform in first person is not really a good way to see it. Not to mention much needs to be done/altered for gameplay. "Spiderman like strength" I think was lifting ten tons at one time though on marvels scale he currently has 4 full blocks under strength. Some of the vehicles kicked in the game are a fraction of that weight and should have been able to be picked up and thrown in that case.

As for what the suit does the the male and could do for a female, its basically a bionic armor without the armor plating. Think of wearing muscles similar to the shadow robot muscle system http://www.shadowrobot.com/hand/pictures.shtml over the entirety of your body tracing your own muscles. Your going to look bulky. I would imagine the same would happen for a woman. This is one thing the guyver armor does not incorporate in the space the armor should take up. ie look at the thickness of a gigantics arms and legs compared to its height. Then again, japanese anime/cartoons have always had lenky characters. (Look at voltron) This is also a problem with creating a similar device in real life. How do you get full range of motion in a bionic suit for the arms and legs when the plates between upper arm and chest/lats would rub as well as the plates between the thighs. Only so much space. I suppose the guyver armor could just be replacing the skin to save on space.

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The videos do show it in action but again no stats on its abilities. The wiki stated the suit can move faster than radar can detect (Which anyone can update) but the second video clearly shows the Koreans having time to try sidestepping as he runs towards and past the first two.

The first video shows the suit attempting to replace lost/broken parts as I stated above. Symbiotic?

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