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Mantis Guyver Ver.2


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I'm not just talking out of my ass! ...all the time... some of the time... probably never again...

I actually know stuff! ...just not all that much...

Anywho, small things... The head is a bit big, and round... Might be a style thing, or part of the design, but just something that jumps out at me. Plus, if you are going to go for long legs, you kind of have to go for all the limbs being long ( unless of course, again it's part of the character), as the arms look a bit shortish.

The energy effects kind of blur the image a bit too much, but the actual energy ball looks great.

Keep it up! Draw more! More! MORE! MOAR!!

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Oh I'm drawing quite a bit actually.

In fact I have two projects I'm working on I'm sure you and Sully will both enjoy respectively. I figure that this place has given me quite a bit in the way of learning to draw and I've not really done any fanart of the characters here. Sooooooo along with my Kamen Rider: Variance art I've been cooking up a pair of interesting WG.com fanart pictures.

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