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Ultimate Guyver


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No, this isn't an 'Ultimate' Guyver like you may think. It's just my Guyver like take on Ultimate Form Kuuga. This isn't meant to be 100% accurate to either series, it was just something I sketched at work and brought home to color. I added a few things like the frequency blades. This Guyver has the ability to ingest 'food' in armored form as the mouth on the armor can open and close and is tipped with High Frequency fangs that allow for easy ripping and tearing of meat from Guyvers, Zoanoids, humans or whatever else it happens upon when hungry.

I had a whole Datafile written up but I don't think I'll ever use him in a story so I won't be posting it.

http://anarchyguyver2004.deviantart.com ... -161705249


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