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Alternative power sources

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This is my first post. Please forgive if someone's posted about this before. :?

There are three known external power systems used in WG and GWOTG that provide oh-my-god amounts of power:

Energy draining tech

W'kar element


But why are there only one type of HSL, one that taps into another type of power-rich dimension. Maybe a dimension with different physical laws that is rich in gravitational energy (imagine Dark Nova with one of those :shock: ) or plasma (useful for guyver XT :) ) or electromagnetic energy (angel wouldn't need this but would make her powerful :wink: ). Understandable the pure energy from Hyper Space could be used for a greater variation in tasks, like bio-energy, but why has no new-type HSLs been designed for specialist models?

Does anyone have any ideas about HSL variants? Or alternative external power sources for guyver units?

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There aren't any real variations of the HSL because it works so well as it is, as you know the guyver runs off bio-energy generated by the host so when a HSL is in use it is merely used to boost the bio-energy production and bio-energy is used and converted for everything else naturally in the unit as it is so there isn't really any need for a specialised HSL.

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Basically, if they were to fashion specialised HSL systems. You would in fact only be increasing a certian aspect of the unit because the unit can't convert vast amounts ( let's say gravitational energy) for the whole unit like bio energy does. If the HSL focused on gravitational energy instead of bio energy, the total power range of the unit would drop while it's gravity weapons would be real powerful. Atleast that's what I think, I maybe wrong. If so, please say so.

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Yet another reason why people should read the data files on the site, that is what they are there for!

Oh well, both Sparky and Kamui de' Tempest are essentially correct, the HSL is strickly for enhancing the power of a Unit through the Bio-Boost process.

However there is another type called CPM's... Specifically

-CPM (Cyclone Power Matrix): A self contained variant of the HSL power system that was developed by the Creators in the alternate reality that Warrior Guyver 2 originated from. This method creates a limited siphoning of hyper space energy and channels energy according to user's will. The unstable nature of this device limits produce able energy to a rate equivalent to that produced by a standard human hosted Warrior Guyver HSL system.

The third form, more or less because it was not intended as a weapon or power source, is the Matrix.

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Not sure if this is allowed but...

In reply to Zeo's comment about CPMs: although I value every reply to my post, and feel grateful that people have taken the time to contribute, but Zeo seems to feel that I have ignored CPMs :?:

My topic was on energy-specific HSLs, using specialist forms of energy, instead of channelling multiple-use energy. CPMs do not come into the equation. CPMs are conditional HSLs but channel the same energy in a different manner.

Therefore you can see my puzzlement that CPMs were brought up :?:

As a side note, I DO read the data files, heck I even downloaded them and read over them in my spare time :!::!::!:

But still, thank you for your contibution :) .

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Your topic, as it was worded, is also about alternative power sources and the CPM is a varient of the HSL so it does apply.

Besides what do you mean conditional HSL's? They're a complete different method of channeling power from hyper space. They work off the same principles of HSL yes but so would any other variant type you are thinking about.

You're are also failing to understand that hyper space is not just one energy type. Hyper space deal with all higher dimensions. Not to mention all energy and matter is interchangeable. So speciallization doesn't get you anything besides a specific effect.

I.E.> Giving Dark Nova a gravity specific HSL would not make her any more powerful than giving her a normal HSL. Either way her unit would channel the power into gravity based abilities.

The reason the HSL is set up the way it is is to maximize the energy it can safely channel. Integrating it into the bio-boost process gives the maximum control and automatically regulates it to the level the host can safely sustain.

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In regards to Zeo's previous reply:

Thank you for helping me reach a deeper understanding of Hyper-space principals, and forgive my mistake regarding the definition of CPMs.

I gave CPMS the label 'conditional' due to the fact that they are not in constant use like HSLs and are only used when the energy is being consciously channelled by the Guyver possessing it, and that there have to be certain conditions to make a guyver activate it... so on. There appears to be confusion as to the belief that the term is being applied to the innermost workings and not to the manner in which it is used. This is understandable and completely my fault for not emphasising this difference.

I have found this most helpful and thank Zeo and other posters that have so far replied to this topic.

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