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guidelines for debating


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Hi guys,

We have been discussing about how debates are handled here and we have decided some guidelines are needed.

please note these are not ultra strict guidelines, as you all know, we are usually pretty flexible with these kinds of things.

this is what we have drawn up, any questions pease go ahead. these guidelines are liable to change during initial stages of implimentation. (we will let you know if we change it.)

-Treat others with respect. We all know about the same, just in different things. Respect must be given especially when addressing something someone else has written

-Keep to the point of the debate. Try not to stray too far from the topic at hand. Start a new thread if you need to discuss something too different

-Do not repeat points you have already made, it adds incredible length to a debate, and is considered brow beating. Periodic summaries may be allowed, but usually at the end of a debate

-Ask direct questions if you do not understand what someone is saying

-Challenging ideas and theories is encouraged in the spirit of debate, but outright debunking when lacking any credentials is frowned upon, as it is taken in the spirit of aggressive behavior.

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