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I think he means how to put the image within your post among the words.

Toku, when you upload it, there is a link that says 'add to post'. just put your cursor where you want the picture to go and click that link.

here is two of my most recent. I have about 50 to 100 on constant loop.


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you are not mistaken!

and of course the second one is also nichijou. a rather lovely piece i found that presents many of the characters in a different style.

nichijou uses a lot of different styles in the show itself, but i don't remember them using this style.

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really? I have it DLed but i have yet to watch it. It's one of the series I'm saving for a rainy day. How would U rate it as I may decide to start it if you think it is definitely worth the watch?

yes I personally rate it very highly, like pani poni dash and azumanga daioh but better IMO.

I made a topic for nichijou so as to take this topic back to desktops ^^;


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