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  2. I'm trying to master clear prints, so can get some cool glossy clear things built. I figure some items will look cool like that, and with this green, it'll give it a jade statue look. As you can see, I'm not to savy on the particulars of that part. And a multi legged monster spider I tried to print for a game I got coming up.
  3. Its about 6 inches tall, my FDM printer wouldnt be able to handle that size, and it would have ribs groing from top to bottom. This is my resin printer
  4. Ok so update. I love it. I downloaded a few guyver models from thingverse. I'll upload some pics i took.and here is the photo of the model cleaned up and base coats applied.
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  6. we all possess the strength to endure the misfortune of others
  7. Hi everyone. One of the things that I was struggling with recently was pinning down a name for my fan fic character. She's existed for a while, but I kept trying to change her name to something else. I originally wanted her to be a tribute to Victoria Justice and some of her film and TV characters. As a character, she is that, but that's where the hang up on the name began. Originally I was going to make her name a composite of VJ's character names. So for a while I settled on Naomi Ramona Vega. I then decided that I wanted something a bit more original sounding. That's where I finally settled on her name. So now, allow me to introduce my little friend, Ashley Naomi Bonner. First, her appearance. If you've seen any photo of Victoria Justice from 2010-present, or watch an episode of Victorious or the film Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, that's basically what Ashley looks like. She's moderately tall for a woman, slender yet toned and somewhat shapely, with high cheekbones, long dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Ashley has an eclectic sense of style, like Victoria, Tori and Naomi. She'll wear just about anything if she likes it or thinks it's comfortable. She's very much a T-shirt/tanktop/jeans/sneakers/Vans/flip flops girl. She likes getting dressy on occasion, and loves wearing nail polish and doing her hair. As for her most important aspect, personality, again, look at VJ, Tori or Naomi, especially Victoria and Tori. However, she does have an edge. She's normally overwhelmingly nice, courteous, generous, and has an infectious smile and brightens the morale of people around her easily. This is actually where we slightly get into supernatural aspects. Her creation was influenced by the Twilight Saga and the Japanese manga and anime series Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. Which isn't much of a surprise, given that my fan fic are based on Twilight and Guyver. Ashley is part human, part vampire. In specific, Ashley is 3/4 vampire, and 1/4 human. Her biological father is fully vampire, her mother is a vampire hybrid. Getting into that, her biological father is Joham from Twilight, an amoral "scientist" who breeds part vampire children. Ash from the start developed (even in the womb) a disdain for her father. She's on excellent terms with her mother and adoptive father, though, as well as her siblings, though she likes some better than others based on personality. As far as special talents or abilities, Ash can influence the mood of people near her, and she can also read minds to an extent. She also, even compared to vampires and other hybrids, does poses above average strength and agility. She's also excellent with handling weapons like knives, swords and firearms. That said, she abhors violence, and will only resort to such actions only when necessary. She also gravitates to people with similar thoughts and virtues. She's an extremely peaceful and pleasant person. That being said, don't threaten her, or especially her family or loved ones. Or any innocent people, for that matter. That side of her does intimate others, especially those who aspire to do evil to others. Her physical beauty also intimidates others, even with her exceptionally kind and gentle nature. Granted, once befriended, Ashley shows that no one under normal circumstances has any reason to fear her. That all being written and said, don't do anything to make her extremely angry or upset. She's got a very low tolerance for innocent people being victimized, and one way or another, you'll regret gaining her ire. That's Ashley's place in the canon of my stories and what led to her creation. Also, as a lot of you know, I have this huge crush on Victoria Justice and have for over a year now. And prior to that I was a casual fan of hers dating back to 2015. I originally had an idea as kinda a tribute to her by making her and her characters into a composite named Jennifer, a character from Twilight that was mentioned in the text of Breaking Dawn. But then I decided to make her an all original, stand alone character. Basically a clean slate. So that's what lead to the creation of this character. I hope you like her :)
  8. Well, I finally watched all of it and I have to say it was wretched. You can't do this on a low budget. And the acting was... awful. At least there was a consequence, of sorts... several Earths were fused into one, although there are still several other universes, including the Titans one, the Swamp Thing one, the Doom Patrol one and the upcoming Stargirl one and Green Lantern one. Oh, and Arrow is over since its protagonist is well and truly dead. What with Disney+ moving into Marvel TV features this year I wonder how much time this franchise has left.
  9. All done now and back to normal but with https working
  10. Finally watched it and it was a lot better than I had expected.
  11. Thanks for sharing. It's definitely a bit of a rubbish song though, innit?
  12. This was more complex than I through and am waiting for Support from the Messageboard people to get it done.
  13. "I'm gonna burn this place to the ground..."
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XQd2i5hYkH0 link to the enka.
  15. Spawn's power is unquantifiable since it's infernal magic. And he is dead; his mind may be inaccessible to Archanfel. Can he even be killed? This would be a terrible battle. Does Archanfel have a capacity for horror? *** Captain Britain was mentioned. So here we have a twofer: Sir James "Mad Jim" Jaspers... And the Fury. Jim Jaspers was a British mutant with reality-altering powers on the level of, say, Franklin Richards. If his power hadn't driven him insane he would have been completely unstoppable. Anything he wanted he simply made reality, in the manner we imagine God would. Fortunately his imagination was rather infantile and limited, and his mental faculties noticeably degraded over time. It is possible he would have become completely senile before his power would have reached total fruition. The Fury, on the other hand, is all focus and total direction. The creature, called a 'Cybiote' - apparently a more profound melding of flesh and technology than a cyborg - was made by Jaspers when his mind was still quite clear, and for only one purpose: destroying super-beings. On its world, it had killed all superheroes and supervillains. It has no real free will or much of an imagination, but it's not entirely a robot, either; it operates on roughly the mental level of a not-too-smart dog, so smart enough to hunt and kill, but unburdened by issues like "What is the purpose of my existence" or "Is this really the right thing to do". It also never gives up. Jaspers apparently gave it a small portion of his reality-altering power, allowing it to freely change, adapt and upgrade itself. It can absorb resources and integrate them into itself. Its only real limitation is its limited intellect - it cannot apply complex strategies or tactics, but it's so powerful that usually doesn't matter. Jim Jaspers - the original - died when his entire universe was erased from existence by a higher power, but the Fury had already left by that time, having taught itself to travel across dimensional barriers. It met with another version of Jaspers whose powers were even more developed and they fought; the Fury's programming compelled it to attack him, and in the end found a way to defeat and kill even someone who can alter reality itself by travelling to a place without reality. Archanfel might find himself outmatched.
  16. This weekend Japan-Legend will be moving to a secure cert. What this means is there might be downtime and more importantly afterwords re-enables the ability for people to sign up using Facebook accounts.
  17. I got the Rhava Velar and it does cheese the game. And It's unbelievable that you can actually use Standstill on the last boss. Being the last boss, you'd assume that cheap shots won't work on it. But apparently it does. Man, getting all the cool stuff takes the fun out of the game.
  18. i just ordered a resin printer today, the photon s. i'm a little nervous about playing with it, but im super excited at being able to print with it. hopefully i wont have a distastrous fubar of a first time. fingers crossed. the print volume is a bit tiny, its 4.5 inchs by 6 inchs by 2 inches.
  19. It was posted by the guy with him in the photo so it's fair to say it's probably new. Probably didn't put a caption since he doesn't know English, but assumed the western fanbase would appreciate seeing that he is still indeed alive
  20. He looks happy and healthy, that's good.
  21. Hello, I have been lurking on this forum for a while, mostly just following this thread. I loved the Guyver live action movies when I was a kid and got into the source material when I was older. I saw this picture of Yoshiki Takaya on the the Guyver World facebook group. Someone in the Guyver subreddit said it was a recent picture. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3167016026659501&set=a.270188496342283&type=3&theater&ifg=1 I saw this picture and was surprised no one shared it on this thread. It got me wondering, is it indeed a recent picture or has it been circulated previously?
  22. If Guyver has taught me anything it's patience, and that it's well worth the wait.
  23. Be sure that when it returns, it will be on the cover.
  24. This months cover above. The upcoming one isn't Guyver related. Guyver is still a listed Title.
  25. Yeah, we haven't used resin after one try (it was bad). They switched filaments afterwords to acrylic and are planning on getting a smaller resin specific printer for the more detailed stuff for cosplays. I mainly do the resin casting, and one thing with the filament we've got is that I can make a design with a container structure around it so I can just file it smooth and start pouring silicone to make molds instead of butchering our worn out tupperware and wasting a crap-ton of hot glue. I've also found that any type of resin will be affected by the weather, especially if it's about to rain (air pressure change/drop in temperature screws up the curing process no matter what you do). The down side to this is that the printer needs to be calibrated regularly; we forgot once, never again.
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