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  3. Amazon.co.jp I guess? It's usually listed on there each month...
  4. Woooooow!!! I had no idea on either. Exclusive club we are in!! Woot!
  5. Bbdude, thank you so much for finding g this. Now I can't wait to get home and try it out. I been wanting to sit down long enough and watch the 12 ova again, (I been waiting to take a closer look at gregole for a while now) and hopefully this'll get me stirred up. Dang I'm actually excited to play the Guyver 3. I remember someone did a rpg maker short game with 3 or for Guyvers that he had made up for the game. Anybody else remember that?
  6. Yep. 30 of Barcas and 40 of the processing tank. Considering they're 16 years old i'd imagine there are a even less now, what with loss and damage. It's crazy what they go for now!
  7. When a new chapter does come out what is a good website to order that months issue of Monthly Shonen Ace from?
  8. That is so awesome!!! I didn't know there were only 30 made?!
  9. I wonder if, when it finally returns, they'll have Valkuria on the cover.
  10. Nice collection man! I was jealous of you having barcus until I lucked up yesterday and got a notification from Mandarake a week after scoring the adjustment tank! It must be fate!! It's from the same store as well! I will finally have it next week! Can't wait! It's hard to be believe there are only 30 of these in existence in the world!!
  11. Good news everyone! I figured out that you can get the games running if you install the RPG Maker runtime package. I've linked to it in the first post and have added some screenshots. I also removed the small edits I made to get the game running (mentioned in the first post) so that these are totally accurate to what was released back in 2006. If you are in need of some Guyver content while the manga is on hiatus, well here ya go! There's a message at the end of the Guyver 3 game which mentions that the games were made by Unito Guyva, who was a member on the old Guyver Board - I feel bad for not having remembered this as he was a good friend. He became inactive I guess 10 years ago or so (wow!) so I hope he's well wherever he is.
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  13. I think tora wants to start a new "storm area 51". Heck, I'm in. ... Let's just storm relics point, they can't stop all of us.
  14. you guys can wait all you want. I'm not waiting any more. it's time to march on Kadokawa and take it for ourselves!
  15. So we painted the wall behind the shelf and I had to move it. By doing so, I was able to redo the placement of all the greatness...
  16. Depends on how I feel. I usually start things off in Normal, sometimes I start playing the game on Easy so I can get a feel for the games mechanics.
  17. Overpowered Zx-Tole: "There is no power in the world that can stop us from my revenge! So die Guyver III!!!!"
  18. I agree with Guyver1. I'm still eagerly waiting for the next chapter but Guyver is one of those franchises that will live on no matter what. The series has been hugely influential in my life and will forever continue to be.
  19. I don't think I agree... they were wiped out, together with the Avengers no less, when they went up against Korvac after he had been evolved by plugging his cybernetic half into the database of Galactus' ship. Korvac was insanely powerful, but not THAT powerful; I mean he was ipso facto not as powerful as Galactus himself, and I would compare him to Archanfel. Which, of course, does make him a valid addition to this list!
  20. Yeah, no kidding. I looked this guy up after you posted him, and man...no wonder he hasn't been used since. For my next contestants, I give you...the Guardians of the Galaxy! (Yeah, I'm sure some of you were expecting the 21st century team, but I wanted to go old school on this one...) Hailing from the 31st Century of Earth-691, the original Guardians were a team of freedom fighters who banded together to battle the alien race known as the Badoon, and later on facing threats such as the cyborg-turned-cosmic god Korvac and the Iron Man armor-wielding species called the Stark. If these guys can take on cosmic beings and alien empires, I think a Zoalord supreme should be no problem for the Guardians. Thoughts?
  21. I'm pretty sure Murakami's voice actor was left unchanged across both dubs. Most of the voice actors are the same in both. I also don't think it sounds that much like David Hayter, Steve Areno is a pseudonym used by Steve Cassling
  22. There are at least two different dubs to my memory... You 're not the first person to think it's Hayter: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guyver/comments/atqven/waitdavid_hayter_voiced_murakami/ Unless you're the same guy though.
  23. Absolutely awesome! I have Barcas too. Took a long time to get him! I want more figures too. In the worst way!
  24. I'm happy waiting as well. I mean it won't be the first manga to enter an indefinite purgatory, but at least it's still getting some love. In the mean-time i've been binge watching a load of 80's OVA's to feed my golden age nostalgia. Stumbled across one called 'Majuu Sensen' recently which bares some striking resemblances. I recommend checking it out if you are a fan of old anime. The manga pre-dates Guyver by a decade and is a mixture of devilman.
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