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  2. it's beyond a joke at this point, i'm outraged enough to actually make a post about it!
  3. We're definitely into the longest hiatus of Guyver and even in the past we were unsure if anything new was coming. I've stopped watching personally, moved along for the most part. I still love Guyver but it's hard to just keep looking every day. I always re-appear when something new is happening but four years is a long time at this point.
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  5. Youtube HD1080 video link: GUYVER GAME PREVIEW.RELIC'S POINT - Ver.02 ( GUYVER-"The Telefishion" )
  6. Scarlett was not bad as Kusanagi. But the entire Ghost In The Shell movie was horrible, as they took different parts from the anime movies and Stand Alone Complex and merge them together. Which did not work so well in the end for me. For those who are new to GITS, they will find it an enjoyable movie.
  7. I would think any of the new merch at this point. But they are pricey statues and I'm not sure it would matter with regards to the manga.
  8. What is the best way to support Guyver during this hiatus to help ensure that it comes back. I have slowly been buying all of the volumes off of Google Play.
  9. It's alive!!!! So some luck with my gregole project. It's back in one piece, but I'm 1000% positive if you even breath on it, it'll snap. I tried to take some real close up photos to show off one leg, it's got a hage gap in it. Trying to fill it, but it will be a major structural weakness for all eternity. And a few touch ups on the guyvers. Haven't decided about the busts base yet. I'm sorta liking the green look.
  10. Heh... I broke it as I was about to paint it... I picked it up to get a good look aND see what color I should use 1st, sat it down and big clumsy moron(me) back handed it off the table as I was reaching for the paint!! You ever look into the mesh mixer program?
  11. Oh no!! How did you break it? It looked great though. When you perfect it are you gonna give it a paint job like the above Guvyers? (Also looking slick man)
  12. I'm taking a break from my zoanoid heartbreak. So I started paint my two guyvers again.
  13. I'm quite sure this us the longest one to date.
  14. It's been a hot minute since I last posted here isn't it? A lot has happened these past few months. I did have a steady job up until last month, now I'm jobless and trying to sell my crafts at local farmers markets. I did have a new job lined up, but the day before I was to start my grandfather passed away, and I was a complete wreck for days afterwards. I didn't even get to start the job because the supervisor immediately fired me for the dumbest reason; probably for the better I didn't work there. I've been getting some sales on my Etsy, which is good, and I'm getting customers from the farmers markets too. I think life just decided to blow me off course and onto a different route entirely.
  15. I'm curious? Has there been a hiatus this long in the past? Or is this the longest one to date?
  16. Guyver game preview video: GUYVER.TIME ELAPSES
  17. While we're still on the cosmic route, I'm going to revisit another "oldie-but-goodie"...the enigmatic Adam Warlock! Created by the renegade scientists called the Enclave, Warlock was created to be the perfect human being, the pinnacle of future human evolution. As he emerged, he sensed his creators' evil intentions and lashed out them. He then escaped, and went on to become one of the most pivotal figures in the Marvel Universe's cosmic pantheon. Much of Adam's powers are derived from his unique biology, which grants him vast capabilities and powers. These powers are also subject to various changes with each rebirth and development from his regenerative cocoon on a subconscious level and can develop powers depending on the situation at hand. According to Thanos, Adam is also a unique being like himself and is described to be apart of the "cosmic norm". During his time as the Magus, the Xandarian Worldmind stated that Adam's power was beyond Dark Quasar and labelled him being powerful to a degree that made it impossible for it to measure against Richard Rider, who was a Nova-Prime. From his experience with the Soul Gem, the Infinity Gem has formed a willing, symbiotic bond with Adam, giving him the ability to sense its whereabouts at will. Out of all the hosts the Soul Gem has bonded with, it has stated that Adam was the most powerful of all his hosts, having retained his will under it's control. Because of this bond, Adam can render himself immune and even counter the likes of the Soul Gem being used by others. Originally destined to become the Avatar of Life by the In-Betweener, Adam was designated as the Avatar of life by the aforementioned entities in order to oppose the then-Avatar of Death, Thanos, and keep a cosmic balance between life and death. After re-inserting the inactive timeline involving the Magus, Adam was officially recognized as Earth-616's Avatar of Life again. The first iteration of Magus was capable of once summoning the In-Betweener by saturating his past counterpart in a harmless special radiation that acted as a beacon. It's unknown if this capability can only be done via the Soul Gem or that being an Avatar of Life allowed it to be possible. In addition, Adam Warlock possesses a number of super-human properties and powers derived from his artificially determined genetic structure. This is owed due to possessing a perfect, genetic template. This perfection was noted by Ultron and the High Evolutionary, who even cited his being was something he could not quite replicate easily. These abilities include -- - Energy Consumption: His new body, according to Thanos, has made him a more direct consumer of energy much like that of Galactus' heralds and even Thanos himself. This, in turn, allows him to even sustain himself without food or water like the Mad Titan. This can be done via contact with a energy conductor or the energy itself. Prior, he was able to absorb magical energies and life energy as well as other kinds. - Superhuman Strength: Warlock possesses super-human strength, though its exact level is unknown. Previously listed at class 4, he could once enhance his strength, enabling him to reach class 40 for less than one hour. However, Adam Warlock has been able to fight hand-to-hand, and injure, beings such as Wonder Man, Thor, and Ulik. - Superhuman Speed: Warlock is capable of running and moving at speeds much greater than even the finest human athlete. He was able to dodge an attack Galactus made at point-blank range and reappeared above him. It is not known whether he did this by teleportation. He has also been able to move at speeds Drax was unable to see. - Superhuman Stamina: Warlock's musculature generates less fatigue toxins, during physical activity, than the musculature of a human being. While not employing his energy to enhance his natural physical strength, Warlock can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him. - Superhuman Durability: Warlock's bodily tissues are much harder and more resistant to injury than those of a human. He is capable of withstanding tremendous impact forces, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, the vacuum of space, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury. His body is also specially adapted to withstand the physiologically debilitating effects of moving and running at high rates of speed without sustaining injury. Adam has survived punishment from Thor, a Thanos clone, Drax, and the Man-Beast, despite them all outclassing him physically. - Superhuman Agility: Warlock's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. - Superhuman Reflexes: Warlock's reaction time is similarly enhanced, enabling him to react at a level that is beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. - Flight: Adam Warlock can also employ cosmic energy to negate the force of gravity beneath him, enabling him to fly. In an Earth-like atmosphere, Warlock is easily capable of reaching the speed of sound, roughly 770 miles per hour. While in outer space, however, Warlock has been shown to have been capable of attaining supraluminal (faster-than-light) velocities. - Immortality: While Adam can be killed, he never truly dies. This is due to the fact his soul is so strong, even Death herself cannot claim his soul. As such, he can be reborn. - Cellular Regeneration: Adam's regenerative and restorative abilities are extremely advanced. In addition Adam possesses Ultra Senses -- After taking the memories of the Magus from his soul and some of his own abilities as a result, he gained superior senses in which allowed him to locate space anomalies such as black holes Adam was later gifted with enhanced perceptions from his rebirths, allowing him to see the auras, the souls and states of others as well as examine others genetic structure. In addition, his multi-compartmental brain bestow Adam cosmic senses. Adam has the ability to detect or produce wormholes and other irregularities in space on a cosmic scale. After one of his recent rebirths, He also has the ability to sense whenever someone is teleporting. Adam possess profound mystical senses in addition to his cosmic awareness capabilities that is capable of sensing mishaps on a spiritual level such as irregularities. Adam is capable of resisting the Time Gem's time freeze capabilities when utilized on him by Rune. Also, due to his firm grasp on reality, Adam is highly resistant to "reality warping." While formerly possessing powerful telepathic capabilities as Him, Warlock has since lost most of the high level of telepathic power, retaining a fraction of telepathic power he once possessed. However, the exact level of capability in his Telepathy is unknown. His defenses have been described by renown and extremely powerful Moondragon to be intense and even was able to throw out Moondragon from his mind as well as dispel Mantis's intrusions. Adam is a capable energy manipulator, with such power having been augmented by the Soul Gem for the majority of his life, although was somewhat capable of doing so independently until his recent resurrections. His latest resurrection has allowed him greater capability with his manipulation, now capable of "short-circuiting" even other energy manipulators such as both Silver Surfer and Quasar. According to Adam himself after his later resurrection, his increased skill allows him convert energy into matter and has absolute control over the process in addition. Prior to his resurrection, his matter manipulation was great enough to turn Thanos into granite, a process only undone by Death. Adam has been seen employing various kinds of energy into constructs. Whether the use of it comes from his metaphysical quantum energy or other kinds of energy, he has been shown capable of creating swords, pieces of armor, and shields. True to his naming of Warlock and among his energy manipulation capabilities includes manipulating mystical energy for a variety of purposes. He relayed much of his mystical powers, however, from the Soul Gem instead of his own independent energies during his extended time with the Infinity Gem. However, he still displayed some independent powers without it's reliance. Much of his mystic powers includes exorcism, body transmutation, and astral projection. Adam was capable of resurrecting other beings by imbuing their souls into bodies and transmuting to alter it to appear as their original body. Adam can use his mystical powers to travel into the future in his astral form. As a master of his own soul, he can render himself immune to individuals who are capable of draining other's souls. Adam can cast spells for a variety of effects. He was able to use a spell to expunge both Drax and Silver Surfer from the Soul World with an incantation. Adam has displayed capability in creating mystic portals. To counter the future dilemma of the Fault expansion into the Cancerverse, Adam's subconscious allowed his resurrected form to gain the power to heal repairing space and reality itself. Dubbed "Quantum Magic" and also referred to as "Metaphysical Quantum Energy Manipulation", this allows him to perform magical feats in which are performed from available power around him and "conjured psi-llables" His current powers derived from his newfound "Quantum Magic", allows him to seemingly continue his usage of his spiritual powers the by manipulating the energy from souls to imbue them to items or to use offensively as beams. Because of his connections to the usage of souls overtime, Adam had later gained empathic capabilities from sensing souls. Such capabilities allowed him to feel the billions of souls killed in the Annihilation Wave. He is also capable of performing large scale and complex spells capable of manipulating the timeline and insert a previously "unused" future in place of the current timeline. Such a feat, however, can only be performed If properly energized by a tremendous amount of energy and cannot hear others during it's preparation and casting. He can even cast spells for healing, magical energy blasts, telekinesis, magical lightning, teleportation, transmutation, materialization, and force field generation. Adam can use his Quantum Magic to create an enchantment capable of manipulating timelines in order to overlap an "unused" future. Such a capability, however, requires Adam to be sufficiently energized. As the Magus, he also controlled the timeline to the point of changing all futures in which he himself rules. During his time as Magus, Adam was capable of transmuting even reality itself to create an illusion to fake his death at the hands of a Cosmic Cube. Among his body's special adaptations are an enclave of cells able to tap and transform cosmic energy for personal use such as projecting blasts of cosmic energy, locate and enter natural space warps, and augment his own physical capabilities. He can use his cosmic powers for healing purposes. Warlock shown the ability to generate intense thermal energy. According to Lord Chaos and Master Order, Adam is outside the loop of destinies and as such is capable of deeds in which cannot easily be seen or tracked by even those with cosmic senses (such as Quasar) wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and exclusively using their cosmic senses granted from the gauntlet. This also extends into supernatural powers, with those unable to gather intelligence on Adam Warlock through magical means. So, basically...I'd have to give this fight to Adam. Archanfel wouldn't have a chance.
  18. I don't know why that big chunk is on the corner there. Must be a fault when the slicer converted the file for printing... something I'll have to look into I guess. What ya think?
  19. Here it is! Now bare in mind that this is right off the printer and all I did was remove the supports. I haven't cleaned it up or touched up anything yet. Just by looking at it here, it's still smaller than I had intended, guess I didn't realize how big that base really was. And Im still not able to see those striped lines on his shin. So... no need for the extra work on smaller miniatures. But if I ever intend to cut em up and print by pieces, I'll have to do those lines.
  20. Better angle of the stand and then the whole model in a slicer program to get it printed. The whole model is so... comelex, it's bogging down the slicer. Can't use auto supports, have to add them in manually (the green things.) I tried shrinking it down 1st before I load it in the slicer, but it still boggs it down no matter what size I save it as. Dunno. Hope it works. Lol.
  21. Chronos symbol, and then the symbol as a stand.
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