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Masked Riders[edit]

In the story, the [Masked Rider] uses a Card Deck that was developed by Kanzaki Shirou enabling the person to travel to the Mirror World. The conditions to be able to obtain a Card Deck are ordinarily directly chosen by Shirou, but for Shinji it is an exception. For traditional Rider Series up to now, Riders received remodeling surgery obtaining a mysterious power to transform, an ordinary person able to transform using an item was inherited from the G series that appeared in [Masked Rider Agito], later series have increased the simple transformation to become a rider.

The Masked Riders, aside from the Pseudo Masked Riders are 13 in total, having the law of fighting each other until one remains in the end. Again the contract monsters, the other monsters gathers from humans, absorbing the life energy to become stronger, and monsters capable of intruding the human world can be exterminated. The common denominator of them all, once a monster is near a piercing sound can be heard.

For most of the transforming riders, there are many riders selected whose heart is enveloped with deep darkness, that they would willingly step on others in order for their wish to be granted. From this establishment, the riders here compared to the riders up to now, the side of the Anti-hero is strong.

The motif of the riders that appear are Knights, having the attribute of the contracted monster. The form prior to the contract with the monsters are called [Blank], the color is mainly black, and the Card Deck naturally would not have a crest and abilities are limited.

Most of the battles happen in Mirror World, even after transformation activity in the real world is possible. Again with the contract monster, they can also be summoned to the real world.

The last victor of the Rider Battle, would have his wishes granted, and that is the great goal of the riders. However, in the endgame that became the drama of Shirou, the significance of that existence has become different with the truth was made clear.

Common Equipments
Card Deck
A deck that stores the Advent Card, and a proof of being a Masked Rider. Even if not the transfomer just by touching it is possible to view the Mirror World. Every riders motif's image is carved in a gold relief (with the exception of Ryuga that has a black relief).
The color of the Deck is black for Ryuki, Knight, Scissors, Gai and Ryuga, Odin's is brown, the others have the same color as their base color. Again, when Ryuki and Knight are transformed in Survive, the buckle changes to red (Ryuki) and blue (Knight).
When this deck is destroyed, the transformation is cancelled, and seen as breach in contract and would be consumed by the contract monster, would not be able to exit Mirror World and disappear.
V Buckle
A transformation belt that would materialized when the card deck is reflected on a mirror or a waters surface. Odin's is gold, Ryuga's is black, while the other riders uses a silver belt. After the transformation pose of every riders (it's not that they would not be able to transform without a transformation pose), the Card Deck will equip the V Buckle to transform them into Masked Rider. Alternatives also has the same manner of transformation.
Ride Shooter
A transport vehicle in the form of a scooter that can traverse the dimension that ties the real world and Mirror World. Can also be used inside the Mirror world.

Masked Rider Ryuki[edit]

Masked Rider Ryuki

A Masked Rider which Kido Shinji transforms into (In the TVSP version Shinji's predecessor Sakakibara Kouichi transforms to). It's base color is red. Before the contract with Drag Reder, as well the Drag Reder card being stolen without the contract monster, become a blank form. Using the [SURVIVE Flame] transforms into Ryuki Survive.

The Final vent Technique, dances in the air together with Drag Reder, receiving the energy of Drag Reder kicks the enemy with the [Dragon Rider Kick].

His transformation pose, his right hand extends diagonally to the left. Having the sense of Masked Rider No. 1.

Contract Monster
Peerless Dragon Drag Reder
A dragon type monster. Is the longest in the existing monsters known stretching 6 meters. Flies in the sky with speeds of 500km/hour. At first targets Shinji as bait, but making a contract with him, grants his power to Ryuki. Its main weapons is a fireball (Drag Breath) coming out of its mouth. In Strike Vent is an imitation of his head the Drag Claw, in Sword Vent is an imitation of his tail the Drag Saber, in Guard Vent is an imiation of his abdomen the Drag Shield. AP is 5000.
Summon Type
Dragon Summon Armor Drag Viser
Gauntlet type equipped on the left arm. Different from Raia's Evil Viser, the protection function was not established. During the vent in of the Advent Card, opens the top part of the Drag Viser, in there the card is inserted.
Masked Rider Ryuki Blank form
Ryuki prior to the contract with Drag Reder, or possibly a transformed state that lost the card of Drag Reder. The abilities are remarkably low, aside from the base color changing from Red to black, there is no design of a dragon (due to not having the contract with Drag Reder) and the details are subtly different. Although equipped with the Sword Vent [Ride Saber], it's AP is 300 which is extremely low, and its attack was absolutely useless with the monster Dispider and broke.
Summon Unit
Ride Viser
Similar to Drag Viser, a summoning unit that is a Gauntlet Type
Masked Rider Ryuki Survive
Masked Rider Ryuki Survive
A enhanced transformation state of Ryuki using the [Survive Flame] card. The abilities are exceptionally increased.
It's Final Vent, is the Drag Lancer (Machine Mode) which is ridden by Ryuki Survive. It continuously fires flame balls from its mouth, and the [Dragon Fire Storm] with its body trampling on the opponent
Contract Monster
Raging Fire Dragon Drag Lancer
A dragon type monster with is an enhanced Drag Reder. Capable of transforming into a Bike. During the Shoot Vent it shoots out flame ball attacks in the form of a meteor volley. It's AP rises to 7000.
Summon Unit
Drag Viser Zwei
A variation of the Drag Viser which is a pistol type. There are 2 points of where the card can be loaded, the load opening of the dragon's mouth is where the Survive Card is inserted. The load opening on the side is where the advent card is inserted, using the cards power. During the usage of the Sword Vent the tip expands a blade changing into the Drag Blade, when using Shoot Vent a laser beam (no killing capability, used as a pointer to direct the the fire balls of Drag Lancer) is released. Usually hangs on the left hips.

Masked Rider Knight[edit]

Masked Rider Knight

Masked Rider which Akiyama Ren transforms into (in the TVSP version Ren who entrusted the Card Deck to Shinji can also transform). It's base color is blue. As the name implies, it's strenght lies in the sword arts of a knight. Later after being entrusted the [Survive Squall] from Tezuka he uses it to have an enhanced transformation into Knight Survive.

It's Final Vent, the Wing Lancer mounts as a mantle and transforms into a drill type to attack with [Flying Cut].

At one glance the head part which is similar to the helmet of a knight, inside the front armor are 2 blue eyes (confirmed in the first and last episode). Again for the transformation pose, grips the fist with the manner of the right arm bending inside. This is an imitation of the transformation pose of Masked Rider No 2.

Contract Monster
Wings of Darkness Darkwing
A bat type monster. Combines with Knight to grant him flight capabilities, in Sword Vent, grants the Wing Lancer which is an imitation of its tail. A Supersonic Wave Attack is also possible. AP is 4000.
Summon Unit
Wing Summon Sword Dark Viser
Hanging on the left hips. During the Vent In of the Advent Card, the wings of the Viser expands, inserting the card inside the handle. Of course, can also be used as a weapon.
Masked Rider Knight Survive
Masked Rider Knight Survive
Knight using the [SURVIVE Squall] card, a state of enhanced transformation. Capabilities are exceptionally increased.
It's Final Vent, restrains the enemy with the Beam from the nose of the Dark Raider (Machine Mode), and assults them with the [Squall Cut].
Contract Monster
Squall Wings Dark Raider
A bat type monster which is an enhanced Dark Wing. Transforms into a bike. In monster form uses the wings as a tornado. AP is 6000.
Summon Unit
Dark Viser Zwei
Dark Viser transforms into a shield type and equipped in the left hand. There are to load openings for card, on the top part is the opening where the Survive card is inserted. The bottom part opening (in the scabbard of the Dark Blade) is where the Advent card is inserted, using the abilities of that card. During the use of the Sword Vent is the Dark Blade, during Guard Vent is the Dark Shield, during Shoot Vent is the Dark Arrow.
Masked Rider Knight Blank Form
Did not appear in the series, the design specifically drawn after the broadcast. A limited Soft Vinyl for the magazine [Hyper Hobby].

Masked Rider Scissors[edit]

Masked Rider Scissors

A Masked Rider that Sudou Masashi transforms into. It's base color is Metallic Orange (in media it is golden). The card it possess is Strike Vent and Guard Vent at least, and the spec of the card are inferior to the other Riders. However, the defense power is considerably high, in the TV series the Shell Defense has the defensive ability that could bounce back the Drag Claw Fire of Ryuki. Again with Volcancer, uses a pincer attack on the enemy. avoiding combat with multiple opponents, and is self conscious of his own weakness, among the 13 riders moves with the most prudence. In the SP version was defeated by Ohja, depicting that Sudou arrested Asakura once, it is difficult to say that Scissors is weak. His transformation pose, after touching the left shoulder with the right arm, comes forward with a V sign.

His Final Vent Technique, scissors jumping with both arms of Volcancer, making an aerial somersault ramming with the [Scissor Attack].

Contract Monster
A crab type monster. On the orders of Scissors, attacks people on its surroundings. The Strike Vent imitates the scissors the Scissor Pinch, Guard Vent imitates it armor the Shell Defense. However, in the end the contract was cancelled and scissors was fell prey. It's AP is 3000 (weakest among the contracted monsters). However in the TV series, upon the orders of Sudou many people became bait, and it's actual AP has considerably increased. Practially in episode 6, Scissors was cornered by Knight resulting in its powerup.
Summon Unit
Scissors Viser
Scissor type equipped on the left arm. During the Vent In of the Advent Cart, the joining part opens, in there the card is inserted. Of course, can also be used as a weapon.

Masked Rider Zolda[edit]

Masked Rider Zolda

Masked Rider that Kitaoka Shuuichi transforms into. In the last chapter Yura Gorou substituted for Kitaoka and transformed into Zolda. The card it possesses are mostly gun variations, specializing on gunfights.

It's Final Vent Technique, equips the Magna Viser into the back of the Magna Giga, with the Magna Giga shooting large quantities of Missiles and lasers with the [End of World]. The Final Vent can attack a wide range of enemies.

Furthermore, the main rider Ryuki, Knight and Zolda respectively, has the compound eyes of the Masked Rider, Crusher, and the antenna design.

Contract Monster
Stell Giant Magna Giga
A buffalo type monster. Walks on two feet in the form of a robot. Shoot Vent connects the two shoulders as the Giga Lancher, both of his feet transforms into the Giga Cannon, in Guard Vent his abdomen grants the Giga Armor. Although used in the climax, the Guard Vent Gigatector, Strike Vent Giga Horn is also present. Although a digression, it cannot moves aside from the time it was summoned. AP is 6000
Summon Unit
Unit Summon Gun Magna Viser
Gun type hanging on the right hips. During the Vent In of the Advent Card, the card is inserted in the magazine slot.

Masked Rider Raia[edit]

Masked Rider Raia

A Masked Rider that Tezuka transforms into. It's base coloris purplish red. Originally it was Saitou Yuuichi who transforms but because he was killed by a monster, it was inherited by Tezuka who wanted to stop the fight. His weapon is an imitation of the Evil Diver's tail the Evil Whip. With regards to the Copy Vent Card, can use the weapon of the opponent once in a battle.

The Final Vent technique, he rides the Evil Diver and charges the enemy with the [Hide Venon]

Although not officially established, the one in charge of the series' creature design Shinohara Tamotsu, that if ever Raia used the [SURVIVE Squall] card, there was a design of a [Masked Rider Raia Survive], and was published in the magazine [Space Ship]. In 2008 a figure was also produced.

Contract Monster
Evil Diver
Stingray type monster. Granting its own tail as the Evil Whip. Able to carry Raia and fly. AP is 4000.
Summon Unit
Evil Viser
A summon unit in the left arm in the form of a stingray. Inserting the Advent Card in there, can use the abilities of the card. Can also be used as a shield.

Masked Rider Gai[edit]

Masked Rider Gai

Masked Rider that Shibahara Jun transforms into. Having the exterior of a western armor, its base color is silver. It's outwards appearance is contrary with its nimble movement, when summoning the Strike Vent, uses the Metal Horn which is an imitation of the Metal Geras' head, and specializes in pushing the enemy. Again, just before the opponent activates the Advent Card can render its effects invalid once, and possesses several special card of Confine Vent. With regards to the activation of its Final Vent, equips the Metal Horn and rides on the shoulder of the Metal Geras, charging at high speed to stab the Metal Horn, smashing the target, using the killing technique of [Heavy Pressure].

Contract Monster
Metal Geras
A rhinoceros type monster, AP is 4000. Uses the dril type horn on its head and the sharp claws on both hands as weapons, making use of its large build specializing in charge attacks.
Summon Unit
Metal Viser
A summon unit installed on the left shoulder armor. Throwing in the Advent card in it, activates the effect of the card.

Masked Rider Ohja[edit]

Masked Rider Ohja

Masked Rider that Asakura Takeshi transforms to. It's base color is purple. When summoning the Sword Vent, holds the Golden Assault Sword Veno Saber as the main weapon which is an imitation of the Veno Snaker's tail, specializing an strategy of persistently attacking the opponent. When activating the Final Vent, the killing technique [Veno Crash] delivering a successive kicks released from the Veno Snaker accompanied by liquid poison from the air, this technique has defeated a number of riders.

possessing several contract cards, adding the contracts of Metal Geras and Evil Diver, mastered Gai's Metal Horn and heavy Pressure, and Raia's Evil Whip and Hide Venon. Additionally uniting the 3 monsters with the Unit Vent, enabling the birth of Genocider, with the Final Vent, Genocider swallowing in its own belly creating a small black hole, with Ohja's tailspin condition kicking in mid air to activate the [Doomsday].

Contract Monster
Veno Snaker
Ohja's first contract, a giant snake type monster. AP is 5000. Having an atrocious character, spits poison from its mouth, and uses a blade called Veno Hush from both sides of its head as a weapon. The joints of its tails are used as the tip of the blade in the Advent Card, resembling Drag Reder.
Metal Geras
After the death of Gai was prowling after Ohja, but became a contract monster of Ohja.
Evil Diver
After the death of Raia was prowling after Ohja, but became a contract monster of Ohja.
Beast Emperor Genocider
With the Unite Vent, Veno Snaker, Metal Geras, and Evil Diver unites which is a Chimera type monster, among all the monsters boasts of being the highest class with 7000AP. Uses the surge discharged from its mouth as weapons.
Summon Unit
Fang Summon Cane Veno Viser
A cane type summon unit similar to a cobra. Inserting the Advent card on the cobra's head on the tip, uses the cards abilities.
Masked Rider Ohja Blank Type
Ohja prior to the contract with Veno Snaker, or a state where Veno Snaker was lost. Only appeared in the theatrical version. With no suits, changes the color with digital composite (in the Super Complete works still remained as purple).

Masked Rider Taiga[edit]

Masked Rider Taiga

Masked Rider that Toujou Satoru transforms into. It's base color is silver. The Dest Viser, with the Strike Vent's summon similar to both hands of Dest Wilder, uses the giant hook claws the Strike claw specializing in hand to hand comabat, bringing down the enemy with a suprise attack in combination with Dest Wilder. Again momentarily freezing the target, using the Freeze Vent to seal the movement, freezing the monster of the opponent rider, making the Final Vent ineffective. When activating the Final Vent, Dest Wilder will pull the target towards Taiga, with Taiga piercing them with the Dest Claw, making them explode like Crystal with the killing technique [Crystal Break]. The condition for this technique, as long as Dest Wilder will be able to pull the opponent, once Dest Wilder's attack has been disturbed, the attack will be cancelled.

Contract Monster
Dest Wilder
A biped White Tiger type monster, AP is 5000. prodived with overwhelming power and speed from its steel muscles all over its body, using sharp claws from both its arms as weapons. After the death of Taiga, attacks people without discrimination, destroyed by Ryuki.
Summon Unit
White Summon Axe Dest Viser
Axe type summon unit. fixed in the blade is the head of a tiger that can be slide, in there the Advent Card can be inserted and used. Of course, can also be used as a weapon.

Masked Rider Imperer[edit]

Masked Rider Imperer

Masked Rider that Sano Mitsuru transforms into. It's base color is tea. Having a Muay Tay foot technique that excels in Jump power among all the riders, summoning the Spin Vent from Gigazell is similar to its head, and freely use a large drill Gazell Stop to fight. Activating the Final Vent, many antelop type monsters attack simultaneously, in the end Imperer flies to give a kick, launching the killing technique [Trap Divide].

In the PS version, was voiced by Kuramori Keiji.

Contract Monster
A variation of a antelope type monster with a drill horn, AP is 4000. It's base color is purple. With a developed leg strenght for high speed movement, and uses a hit and away tactics using the the Hifrequency Electromagnetic Cutter on both arms and drill blade as weapons. The electric signals emitted from 4 limbs, can communicate with Megazell, Omegazell and other antelope type monsters, and usually have traits of moving in numbers, and the same type of monster can be commanded by Imperer. Furthermore, prior to the appearance of Imperer several antelope type appeared many times, and was defeated by Ryuki and Knight.
Summon Unit
Gazell Viser
Set in the shin of the right leg, an ankle type summon unit. Bending the knee will reveal a slot, raising the foot or leaning can Vent In the card. The Advent Card is inserted this way, using the abilities of the card.

Masked Rider Verde[edit]

Masked Rider Verde

Masked Rider that Takamizawa Itsurou transforms into. It's base color is yellow green. Summoning the Hold Vent, uses the Biowinder, a weapon yoyo that is an imitation of the eye of Biogreeza, with the transparency of the Clear Vent, a weapon different from Raia a Copy Vent that can even copy the outward appearance of the enemy, and other special techniques that can be freely used. When activating the Final Vent, Biogreeza catches the foot of Verde with its tongue, assaults the enemy like the principle of a pendelum, and gives a pile driver to the enemy with the killing technique [Death Banish].

Contract Monster
A chameleon type monster, AP is 4000. It's base color is green. able to disappear to blend with the surrounding colors, with a tongue capable of extending up to 600m, having legs that are spring like capable of high hump as a weapon.
Summon Unit
Bio Viser
Equipped in the left buttocks, setting the Advent Card with the chameleon like tongue extending to catch the card, using the cards capability.

Masked Rider Odin[edit]

Masked Rider Odin

Masked Rider wich shall be the opponent of the last remaining rider. It's base color is gold and brown. Also called existing as the other half of Kanzaki Shirou. Calling himself the [13th Rider], substituting Shirou who has no physical form to fight. usually Odin's Card Deck is in the possession of Shirou.

Already in survive mode [SURVIVE Infinity] from the start, prides itself having overwhelming power over the other riders, attacks using instant movement and gold feathers scattering, it does not have special abilities like the other riders, was defeated countless of times by Knights tactics and Ryuki's expedient appropriate responses. Has a Card that can make time go backwards called Time Vent, when Kanzaki is put in a situation that he does not like he uses this card to reset. The Final Vent [Eternal Chaos] which combines with the back of Gold Phoenix the details are unknown. In the PS version, after attacking with instant movement (high speed movement), follows a flame from Gold Phoenix.

Contract Monster
Gold Phoenix
An immortal bird type monster that has an odd eye. Uses the Gold Saber that uses both wings in Sword Vent, the Guard Vent grants Odin the tail as the Gold Shield. Furthermore, whem combined can allow Odin to fly. AP is 8000 and is top class among all the monster. Golden flame is filled in its body. Taking into consideration that Odin is usually in survive as aforementioned, there is also a pre-evolved state of this monster, the details are unknown.
Summon Unit
Gold Viser
Receiving the will of Odin, a summon unit in the form of a bishop's staff. The bird crest on the bottom of the tip slides open, where the Advent Card is inserted, capable of using the card's power. The wing part can deploy like double doors, which was not seen in the series.



From the research data of Masked Rider and Mirror World that Kanzaki Shirou left, a Pseudo Masked Rider that Kagawa Hideyuki created, 2 appeared. Not included in the so-called [13 riders]. In the final stage of the project development, it was completed in order to oppose the 13 riders which expected to develop 13 Alternatives. Uses a different Card Deck and Card from the riders, but the theory is basically the same. The active time in Mirror World is shorter by 8 minutes and 25 seconds. Again, they have Cards that the other riders does not, even the Card Visor voice is different from the Riders having a female voice, the card being scanned will immediately disappear.

The [Masked Rider] in the series, indicates the [person who transform using the Card Deck created by Kanzaki Shirou], although being distinguished as [Pseudo Rider] in the official Home Page, in the Magazine [Weekly Masked Rider Official Data File], they are recognized as official Masked Riders.

Contract Monster
A grasshopper type monster. Launches missiles from its eyes. granting the Slash Dagger from both its legs. The Final Vent transforms the Psyclock into the bike form. When the Contract Person disappears it becomes a rural monster. AP is 6500.
Summon Unit
Slash Viser
A Slash type summon unit equipped in the right arm. The outline of the Card Reader, after passing the code part of the Card uses the ability of the card. The voice of the summon unit is femal which is different from the Masked Rider. The card used after slashed will disappear.


Pseudo Masked Rider that Nakamura Hajime transforms into. It's base color is black. It's transformation time is generally shorter than the Masked Riders. At first Shinji was thinking if this was Toujou or not.

Alternative Zero[edit]

Prototype of Alternative. The author of the Alternative Kagawa transforms into. Although there is a line in arms and body indicating the prototype, the outward appearance has the same base color as the complete Alternative. Because Kagawa remembers all the attacks of the opponent, the same attack will not be effective against him.

The Final Vent Technique, boards the Psycho Roader, thrusts into the opponent like a chess piece [Dead End]

Has a common Summon Unit and Contract Monster with Alternative

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